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59 22 Poko and Raôgo1 A woman gave birth to twins in the bush. Their names were Poko and Raôgo. The mother brought Poko home, while abandoning Raôgo in the bush. A hawk came and found Raôgo in tears. Taking pity on the poor baby, he brought him to his nest where he raised him. When he grew up, the first thing the child did was kill the hawk. Then he decided to go into the village to kill his father and mother. On the way, he sang: My mother gave birth to both of us, She took Poko and abandoned Raôgo! A giant hawk put me up in a tree: I killed him! A monkey took me down: I killed him! My village is a really big village, but I will destroy it! This is what he sang until he reached his father’s compound. When Poko saw Raôgo coming, she hid her mother in a large earthenware pot and her father in a granary. Raôgo asked her: 1. This is a story of the terrible children, symbolizing social and cultural upheavals, and which also brings modernity into the society. 60 Alain-Joseph Sissao (Translated from the French by Nina Tanti) ‘‘Poko, where is your father?’’ ‘‘My father is traveling.’’ ‘‘Poko, where is your mother?’’ ‘‘My mother went to the pond.’’ Raôgo told her: ‘‘Didn’t my parents grow peanuts?’’ ‘‘No!’’ said Poko. Raôgo entered the mother’s hut to look for peanuts. He opened the first pot and saw his mother hidden there. He killed her with one blow. He left the hut and asked Poko: ‘‘Is there anything in the granary?’’ ‘‘No, it is empty!’’ Poko answered. Raôgo went and opened the granary. He saw his father there whom he killed with one blow. ...


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