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25 10 The Dance of the Wild Animals O ne day, the wild animals received a bull as a gift. They decided to organize a competition where the winner would get the bull. The competition consisted of dancing in order to raise as much dust as possible. The place they chose was a huge clearing where the ground was perfectly packed. The big animals were the first contestants: elephants and buffaloes danced and danced, but none of them could raise any dust since the ground in the clearing was so firmly packed. Meanwhile the hare, hiding, watched them while thinking of a way to win the competition and the bull at the same time. He left his house and had a great big pair of trousers sewn, which he filled up with ashes. He was careful to tie the bottoms of the trouser legs. When his turn came, he danced vigorously; meanwhile, using a ruse, he untied one of the legs of his huge pair of trousers and let a cloud of dust escape. The spectators began to cheer: ‘‘Mba-Soâmba is the one who will get the bull! He is indeed the best dancer!’’ This is how the hare won the bull. ...


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