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7 3 What Happened? T he expression, ‘‘What happened?’’ has an origin. No-Raôgo, the rooster, had organized a ‘‘work party’’1 . Everyone came to help him cultivate his field. When the work was going full speed and everyone was starting to get hungry, the rooster decided to go get the workers something to eat. On the way, he came across MbaWibga , the white hawk2 . The bird struck at him with his beak, but as luck would have it, missed him. The rooster hid under a cooking pot. After waiting in vain for the rooster to return, Bumpoaka, the lizard, decided to go see what was happening. ‘‘What happened? The rooster hasn’t come back yet,’’ he wondered. On the way, he met the white hawk who attacked him as well. He hid in the trunk of a tree. The bird flew onto one of the branches of the tree and stayed there. From his hiding place the rooster glanced up occasionally, and each time he saw that the bird was still perched on his branch. Nighttime came, the bird flew away, and the rooster could finally come out, as well as the lizard. They met up and the rooster asked: ‘‘What happened?’’ 1. Sosoaaga in the Moore language. 2. Small bird of prey, Elanus caeruleus (Accipitridae). 8 Alain-Joseph Sissao (Translated from the French by Nina Tanti) The lizard also asked: ‘‘What happened?’’ And the rooster said again: ‘‘What happened?’’ And the rooster replied: ‘‘Don’t you see? I went to look for some food under a cooking pot!’’ The lizard also explained his case: ‘‘As for me, I went looking for you; I was attacked, and I hid in the trunk of a tree. I have just now come out.’’ That is the origin of the expression Maana waana? ‘‘What happened?’’ ...


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