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185 BIBLIOGRAPHY primary sources Agency Anti-Slavery Committee. The Danger of Delay, and the Safety and Practicability of Immediate Emancipation, From the Evidence Before the Parliamentary Committees on Colonial Slavery. London: W. Johnston, 1833. Anonymous. An Epistle to William Wilberforce Esq. Written During the Disturbances in the West Indies. London: Darton and Harvey, 1792. Anonymous. Remarks on the Insurrection in Barbados and the Bill for the Registration of Slaves. London: Ellerton and Henderson, 1816. Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter, 1825–1831. London: J. Hatchard. (The issues from vol. 3, no. 63 [July 1830] were renamed the Anti-Slavery Reporter.) Anti-Slavery Society. Papers. Rhodes House Library, Oxford, England. Baptist Missionary Society. Colonial Slavery—Defense of the Baptist Missionaries From the Charge of Inciting the Late Rebellion in Jamaica; in a Discussion between the Reverend William Knibb and Mr. P. Borthwick at the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 15 December 1832. London: Tourist Office, Paternoster Row, 1832. ———. Facts and Documents Connected With the Late Insurrection in Jamaica and the Violations of Civil and Religious Liberty Arising Out of It. London: Holsworth and Ball, 1832. ———. A Narrative of Recent Events Connected with the Baptist Mission in This Island Comprising also a Sketch of the Mission from Its Commencement in 1814 to the End of 1831. Jamaica: Edward Jordan and Robert Osborn, 1833. Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazette, 1816. British Parliamentary Papers. Vol. 47. Papers Relating to the Slave Trade 1831– 1834, Slave Trade 80. Jamaica: A Report from the House of Assembly on the Injury Sustained During the Recent Rebellion, 1831–1832(561). Shannon, Ireland : Irish University Press, 1969. British Parliamentary Papers. Vol. 66. Demerara Minutes of Evidence on the Trial of John Smith a Missionary 1824(158), vol. 23. Shannon, Ireland: Irish University Press, 1969. British Parliamentary Papers. Report from the Select Committee on the Extinction of Slavery Throughout the British Dominions with the Minutes of Evi- dence, Appendix and Index, August 11, 1832. London: Hatchard and Son, 1832. Brougham, Henry. Papers. University College London Library, London. Buxton, Sir Thomas Fowell. Papers. Rhodes House Library, Oxford. Clarkson, Thomas. Papers. In Abolition and Emancipation, part 1. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA; Wiltshire: Adam Matthew Publications, 1997. Micro film, reels 1 and 1a. Cobbett’s Parliamentary Debates. London: T. C. Hansard, 1795. Colonial Office. Papers. Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, London. Cornwall Courier, 1832. Cropper, James. Letters Addressed to William Wilberforce, M. P. Recommending the Encouragement of the Cultivation of Sugar in our Dominions in the East Indies, as the Natural and Certain Means of Effecting the General and Total Abolition of the Slave Trade. Liverpool: Longman, Hurst and Co., 1822. Edinburgh Review, 1823–1825. Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates. London: T. C. Hansard, 1816–1833. Jamaican Courant, 1824–1832. Journal of the House of Commons 88(1833). The London Missionary Society’s Report of the Proceedings against the Late Reverend John Smith of Demerara, Minister of the Gospel . . . and Including the Documentary Evidence Omitted in the Parliamentary Copy With an Appendix ; Containing the Letters and Statements of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Elliot, Mr. Arrindell, &C and Also, the Society’s Petitions to the House of Commons. The whole published under the authority of the directors of the said society. London: F. Westley, 1824. London Times, 1816–1832. Macaulay, Zachary. Papers. In Abolition and Emancipation, part 1. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA; Wiltshire: Adam Matthew Publications, 1997. Micro film, reel 4. The Missionary Smith—Substance of the Debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday the 1st and Friday the 11th of June 1824 on a Motion of Henry Brougham, Esq. Respecting the Trial and Condemnation to Death by a Court Martial to the Rev. John Smith, Late Missionary in the Colony of Demerara With a Preface Containing Some New Facts Illustrative of the Subject. London : J. Hatchard and Son, 1824. Parliamentary History of England. London: T. C. Hansard, n.d. Ramsay, James. An Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African Slaves in the British Sugar Colonies. London: James Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1786. 186 BIBLIOGRAPHY The Report from A Select Committee to the House of Assembly, Appointed to Inquire into the Origins, Causes and Progress of the Late Insurrection. Barbados : W. Walker, Mercury and Gazette Office, 1818. “Sketch of the Life of William Wilberforce Esq. With a Review of the Present State of the Anti-Slavery Cause.” Baptist Magazine, 3d ser., 3 (January 1833). Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery Throughout the British Dominions. East and West...


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