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vii Contents Preface and Acknowledgments xi Introduction: Breastfeeding Constraints and Realities 1 Bernice L. Hausman, Paige Hall Smith, and Miriam Labbok Part I Frames Chapter 1 Feminism and Breastfeeding: Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Material Realities of Women’s Lives 15 Bernice L. Hausman Chapter 2 Breastfeeding Promotion through Gender Equity: A Theoretical Perspective for Public Health Practice 25 Paige Hall Smith Chapter 3 Breastfeeding in Public Health: What Is Needed for Policy and Program Action? 36 Miriam Labbok Studying Breastfeeding across Race, Part II Class, and Culture Chapter 4 Breastfeeding across Cultures: Dealing with Difference 53 Penny Van Esterik Chapter 5 The Dangers of Baring the Breast: Structural Violence and Formula-Feeding among Low-Income Women 64 Nancy Chin and Ann Dozier Chapter 6 Racism, Race, and Disparities in Breastfeeding 74 Joan E. Dodgson Part III Medical Institutions and Health Education Chapter 7 Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Shrinking Maternal Authority 87 Jacqueline H. Wolf viii Contents Chapter 8 New Professions and Old Practices: Lactation Consulting and the Medicalization of Breastfeeding 98 Aimee R. Eden Chapter 9 Preparing Women to Breastfeed: Teaching Breastfeeding in Prenatal Classes in the United Kingdom 110 Abigail Locke Part IV Roles and Realities Chapter 10 “Are We There Yet?” Breastfeeding as a Gauge of Carework by Mothers 123 Chris Mulford Chapter 11 Breastfeeding and the Gendering of Infant Care 133 Phyllis L. F. Rippeyoung and Mary C. Noonan Chapter 12 Working out Work: Race, Employment, and Public Policy 144 Jennifer C. Lucas and Deborah McCarter-Spaulding Chapter 13 The Impact of Workplace Practices on Breastfeeding Experiences and Disparities among Women 157 Amanda Marie Lubold and Louise Marie Roth Part V Making and Marketing Mothers’ Milk Chapter 14 Marketing Mothers’ Milk: The Markets for Human Milk and Infant Formula 169 Linda C. Fentiman Chapter 15 Empowerment or Regulation? Women’s Perspectives on Expressing Milk 180 Sally Johnson, Dawn Leeming, Steven Lyttle, and Iain Williamson Part VI Morality and Guilt Chapter 16 Feminist Breastfeeding Promotion and the Problem of Guilt 193 Erin N. Taylor and Lora Ebert Wallace Chapter 17 Breastfeeding in the Margins: Navigating through the Conflicts of Social and Moral Order 203 Danielle Groleau and Lindiwe Sibeko Part VII Media and Popular Culture Chapter 18 Reinstating Pleasure in Reality: Promoting Breastfeeding through Ars Erotica 215 Fiona Giles Chapter 19 Breastfeeding in the “Baby Block”: Using Reality Television to Effectively Promote Breastfeeding 226 Katherine A. Foss Chapter 20 Rethinking the Importance of Social Class: How Mass Market Magazines Portray Infant Feeding 236 N. Danielle Duckett Part VIII Sexuality and Women’s Bodies Chapter 21 Breastfeeding in Public: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Milk 249 Sally Dowling, Jennie Naidoo, and David Pontin Chapter 22 Sexual or Maternal Breasts? A Feminist View of the Contested Right to Breastfeed Publicly 259 Carol Grace Hurst Chapter 23 Intersections: Child Sexual Abuse and Breastfeeding 269 Emily C. Taylor Conclusion: Beyond Health, Beyond Choice: New Ways Forward in Public Health 281 Paige Hall Smith, Bernice L. Hausman, and Miriam Labbok Bibliography 287 Notes on Contributors 327 Index 333 Contents ix ...


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