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zipper mouth Acknowledgments This slender volume took a village of family and friends, elite medical professionals, CIA remote viewers, spiritual advisors, and Navy Seals to keep me on track as the book itself spun wildly out of control. To name the people who deserve my gratitude could easily triple the length of this book, but there are some without whom it simply wouldn’t exist. In this regard Elizabeth Reddin, with bewildering enthusiasm, scrutinized the manuscript countless times; her wisdom kept me on point when my eyes were twirling in my head and her passion kept me going. Eileen Myles has from start to finish not only offered me her brilliant literary acumen but rocked my world with her love and unflagging support . Cecilia Dougherty and Nicole Eisenman applied their vigorous critical visions at various stages, lasering open new portals of insight as though with a Tesla death ray. I am deeply indebted to Karen Braziller, who from sheer generosity read the manuscript closely not once but twice and offered critical guidance that helped me move forward. ZipperMouth_interior_FINAL.indd 165 7/13/11 3:10 PM 166 For the grants and residencies that provided me with time and head space to work, thank you to the New York Foundation for the Arts; the Fine Arts Workshop in Provincetown, MA; the Millay Colony; and most especially Edward Albee and the Albee Foundation on Montauk, Long Island, where the book first began to take shape. My agent Rosanna Bruno took me on as her last client , championed the book, and negotiated me through many a hair-raising pitfall; I am truly grateful for her support. Thank you to Don Weise, for his faith in the book and getting the project off the ground. And I am beyond thankful to my publisher Amy Scholder for bringing the book to the finish line with verve, patience, and liberating insight. For their supernova hearts and the incalculable effects of their artistic fire, generosity, inspiration, and comedy stylings on the DNA of my work, I am forever indebted to Charlie Atlas, Bob Blome, Lizzy Bonaventura , Paula Cronan, Kyle de Camp, Angie “The Douche” DuFresne, Rosemary Hammer, Tony Harold, Harrison, Faye Hirsch, Katurah Hutcheson, Annie Iobst, Mike Iveson, Angela Lyras, Carole Maso, Rachel Moore, Tom Murrin, Joe Reiner, Lori E. Seid, Lucy Sexton, Julianna Snapper, A.L. Steiner, Tony Stinkmetal, Michael Taussig, Michelle Tea, and Joe “Westy” Westmoreland. And hey, Le Tigre, thanks for the shout-out! ZipperMouth_interior_FINAL.indd 166 7/13/11 3:10 PM zipper mouth Thanks above all to my wondrous and insanely energetic mother for loving me infinitely with trust and patience while at the same time fighting to save the birds and other wildlife of Idaho. Finally, Nicola Tyson heroically stepped in during the final stages of the book’s composition to reinvigorate my process and help me sort through disparate ideas. I am forever grateful for her commitment and zeal. ZipperMouth_interior_FINAL.indd 167 7/13/11 3:10 PM The Feminist Press is an independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice. We publish exciting writing by women and men who share an activist spirit and a belief in choice and equality. Founded in 1970, we began by rescuing “lost” works by writers such as Zora Neale Hurston and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and established our publishing program with books by American writers of diverse racial and class backgrounds. Since then we have also been bringing works from around the world to North American readers. We seek out innovative, often surprising books that tell a different story. See our complete list of books at, and join the Friends of FP to receive all our books at a great discount. ZipperMouth_interior_FINAL.indd 168 7/13/11 3:10 PM ...


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