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xv Acknowledgments I would like to thank several individuals for their guidance and assistance in creating this book. First and foremost, this book would not have been possible without Jim Wallace and those community members who were willing to be interviewed for the project to share their important stories. Jim Wallace’s kindness, humility, and leadership have inspired me, and he is truly the “Luke Skywalker” of this story. The Kentucky Oral History Commission, a program of the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS), first hired me and taught me much about oral history. The KHS has been an invaluable resource for me, housing the majority of the archival collections used for this book and employing many of the helpful and talented professionals who assisted in its creation. First, I’d like to thank Kim Lady Smith for giving me my start in archives and oral history. For help with the archival collections, many thanks go to Jen Duplaga, Gretchen Haney, Lynne Hollingsworth, Sarah Milligan, Nathan Prichard, Brenda Smith, Charlene Smith, and Mary Winter. Thanks also to Tom Appleton for editorial assistance while this was still a dissertation. I have been very lucky to have incredible teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. My doctoral committee in the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University was incredibly supportive in guiding the intellectual direction of my early work. Thank you to John Bodnar, Sandy Dolby, John McDowell , and my mentor and good friend Henry Glassie. Henry inspires me as a scholar, an author, and a teacher, and I am grateful to him for sharing his wisdom over the years. Teachers at Denison University who had a profound influence on me include Dominick Consolo, John Kirby, James McMillan, and William Nichols. Finally, I must thank the greatest high school history teacher of all time, the late William Huber. Those who gave me editorial feedback on this book include Brooke Bryan, Jim Klotter, Tracy K’Meyer, and Sara Admishani Price. Thanks especially to Liz Locke, who provided incredibly xvi Acknowledgments constructive feedback early on. Thank you as well to Sheila Mason for all of her assistance and to the late Thomas D. Clark for our conversations about his early writings on Crawfish Bottom. I am grateful to those who shared personal stories and photographs with me, including R. T. Brooks, Nell Cox, Charlene Ellis, and David Fallis. Thanks as well to Russ Hatter and Nicky Hughes at the Capital City Museum for all the work that they do in Frankfort. I offer warm thanks to Terry Birdwhistell, dean of the University of Kentucky libraries, for his mentorship and friendship and for his editorial assistance on this book. Thank you to the University of Kentucky Libraries, to Deirdre Scaggs and UK Special Collections, and to the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History. Finally, I thank my family and friends, who have been so supportive over the years. Specifically, I am grateful to my parents, Joe and Barbara Boyd, who supported me and gave me courage to follow my academic dreams. ...


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