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xi Series Editors’ Foreword In the field of oral history, Kentucky is a national leader. Over the past several decades, tens of thousands of its citizens have been interviewed. The Kentucky Remembered series brings into print the most important of those collections, with each volume focusing on a particular subject. Oral history is, of course, only one type of source material. Yet by the very personal nature of recollection, hidden aspects of history are often disclosed. Oral sources provide a vital thread in the rich fabric that is Kentucky history. Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community, the tenth volume in the series, focuses on the history and culture of a vibrant neighborhood within Kentucky’s capital city, Frankfort. Through oral history interviews, Doug Boyd reclaims the stories of Crawfish Bottom and introduces readers to a lost-but-not-forgotten community, whose history has been told and retold by outsiders. Oral history at its best not only preserves stories but also contextualizes and frames them in a historical context. Boyd brings the skills of an oral history theorist to these essential tasks as he analyzes the crosscurrents of race, class, and community in Crawfish Bottom, while also preserving an important segment of Frankfort’s rich history . His work provides a framework for implementing similar studies in communities everywhere. James C. Klotter Terry L. Birdwhistell ...


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