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Appendix D Selected Members of the Interlocking Directorate of Scientific Racism ADS AES ERA ERO GS IRL Babbott, Frank L. AES ERA ERO Barker, Lewellys F. AES ERA ERO Brigham, Carl C. AES ERA GS Campbell, Clarence G. AES ERA GS Conklin, E. G. AES ERA GS Davenport, Charles B. AES ERA ERO GS Davison, Charles Stewart ADS IRL Estabrook, Arthur AES ERA ERO Fairchild, Henry Pratt AES IRL Fisher, Irving AES ERA ERO GS Goddard, Henry AES ERA ERO Goethe, Charles M. AES ERA Gould, Charles W. ADS AES ERA Grant, Madison ADS AES ERA GS IRL Gregory, William K. AES GS Hooton, E. A. AES GS Howe, Lucien AES ERA IRL Jenks, Jeremiah W. ADS AES Johnson, Albert AES ERA GS IRL Johnson, Roswell AES ERA Jordan, David Starr AES ERA IRL Kinnicutt, Francis H. ADS AES IRL Laughlin, H. H. AES ERA ERO GS Lee, Joseph AES IRL Little, C. C. AES ERA GS IRL Merriam, John C. AES GS Olson, Harry AES ERA Osborn, Henry Fairfield AES ERA GS IRL Paton, Stewart AES ERA Pearl, Raymond AES ERA GS Popenoe, Paul AES ERA GS Rumsey, Mary Harriman AES ERA ERO Stoddard, Lothrop ADS AES ERA GS IRL Terman, Lewis AES ERA ADS AES ERA ERO GS IRL Thorndike, Edward L. AES ERA GS Trevor, John B. ADS AES ERA IRL Ward, Robert DeC. AES ERA IRL Welch, William H. AES ERO Whitney, Leon AES ERA Wiggam, A. E. AES ERA Wissler, Clark AES ERA GS Woods, Frederick Adams AES ERA GS Yerkes, Robert M. AES ERA ERO GS ADS: American Defense Society ERO: Eugenics Record Office AES: American Eugenics Society (formerly GS: Galton Society ECUSA) IRL: Immigration Restriction League ERA: Eugenics Research Association 396 appendix d ...


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