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Anthropologists John M. Cooper (Catholic U.) E. A. Hooten (Harvard) Ales Hrdlicka (National Museum) Robert J. Terry (Washington U.) Clark Wissler (Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.) Biologists Wesley Roswell Coe (Yale) E. G. Conklin (Princeton) Arthur Estabrook (ERO) David Fairchild (Dept. of Ag.) J. Arthur Harris (Minnesota) Samuel J. Holmes (California) Charles R. Stockard (Cornell) Herbert E. Walter (Brown) Paleontologists William K. Gregory (Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.) John C. Merriam (Carnegie Inst.) Physicians Lewellys F. Barker (J. Hopkins) Herman Biggs Harold Bowditch (Boston) Walter B. Cannon Hugh S. Cumming Robert L. Dickinson HavenEmerson(Columbia) Lucien Howe Woods Hutchinson William Freeman Snow Victor Clarence Vaughan William H. Welch (J. Hopkins) Geneticists William E. Castle (Harvard Leon J. Cole (Yale) Edward M. East (Harvard) Herbert S. Jennings (J. Hopkins) Aaron Franklin Shull (Michigan) Sewall Wright (Chicago) Psychiatrists Charles W. Burr Walter E. Fernald C. Floyd Haviland Adolf Meyer (J. Hopkins) Stewart Paton (Princeton) Aaron J. Rosanoff Sociologists Emory Bogardus (USC) Katherine B. Davis Henry Pratt Fairchild (NYU) Franklin H. Giddings (Columbia) Robert MacIver (Columbia) Stuart Rice (Pennsylvania) E. A. Ross (Wisconsin) Psychologists Carl C. Brigham (Princeton) Henry H. Goddard (Ohio State) William McDougall (Harvard) Carl E. Seashore (Iowa) Lewis Terman (Stanford) Edward L. Thorndike (Columbia) Robert M. Yerkes (Yale) Zoologists Michael Guyer (Wisconsin) Vernon Kellogg (Stanford) Helen Dean King (Wistar Inst.) Charles A. Kofoid (Scripps Inst.) C. E. McClung (Pennsylvania) Maynard M. Metcalf (J. Hopkins) Horatio H. Newman (Chicago) George Howard Parker (Harvard) William Wheeler (Harvard) Appendix C Selected Members of the Advisory Council of the ECUSA ...


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