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ABS AGP AOU ASM BCC CFC MNH NAS NZS Albright, Horace M. ABS AGP ASM BCC NAS Allen, Joel A. AGP AOU ASM BCC MNH NAS NZS Andrews, Roy Chapman ASM BCC MNH NZS Anthony, H. E. ASM BCC MNH NZS Blair, W. Reid ABS ASM BCC NZS Burnham, John B. AGP BCC CFC Chapman, Frank AOU BCC MNH NAS NZS Coolidge, Harold J. ABS ASM BCC Davenport, Charles B. ABS ASM NZS Davison, Charles Stewart ABS ASM BCC Fisher, Albert K. AGP AOU ASM BCC Grant, DeForest BCC NZS Grant, Madison ABS ASM BCC MNH NAS NZS Gregory, William K. ASM BCC MNH NZS Grinnell, George Bird AGP AOU ASM BCC MNH NAS NZS Grinnell, Joseph AOU ASM BCC Hornaday, William T. ABS ASM BCC CFC MNH NAS NZS Merriam, C. Hart AGP AOU ASM BCC Merriam, John C. ASM BCC Nelson, Edward W. AGP AOU ASM BCC Osborn, Henry Fairfield ABS AOU ASM BCC MNH NAS NZS Palmer, Theodore S. ABS AGP AOU ASM BCC MNH NAS Pearson, T. Gilbert BCC NAS Phillips, John C. ABS AGP ASM BCC Phillips, John M. ABS AGP ASM BCC CFC NZS Pinchot, Gifford ABS BCC MNH NZS Pratt, George D. ABS AGP ASM BCC MNH NZS Pyne, Percy R. BCC MNH NZS Roosevelt, Kermit AOU ASM BCC MNH NAS NZS Roosevelt, Theodore ABS AGP BCC MNH Sage, Dean BCC MNH Seton, Ernest Thompson ABS ASM CFC Seymour, Edmund ABS CFC Sheldon, Charles AGP AOU ASM BCC NAS NZS Appendix B The Interlocking Directorate of Wildlife Conservation ABS AGP AOU ASM BCC CFC MNH NAS NZS Shiras III, George ABS AGP ASM BCC Townsend, Charles H. ABS AOU MNH NZS Van Name, Willard ABS MNH NAS Wadsworth, W. A. AGP BCC NZS Walcott, Frederic C. AGP ASM BCC ABS: American Bison Society CFC: Camp Fire Club AGP: American Game Protective Association MNH: American Museum of Natural History AOU: American Ornithologists’ Union NAS: National Audubon Society ASM: American Society of Mammalogists NZS: New York Zoological Society BCC: Boone and Crockett Club The Interlocking Directorate 393 ...


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