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Appendix A Organizations Served by Madison Grant in an Executive Capacity American Bison Society (cofounder) American Coalition (honorary vice president; member of the board) American Committee for International Wild Life Protection (cofounder; advisory committee) American Defense Society (trustee) American Eugenics Society (cofounder) American Geographical Society (councilor) American Museum of Natural History (trustee) American Prison Society (vice president) American Society of Mammalogists (charter and life member) Aristogenic Association (cofounder) Belmont Park Race Track (board of governors) Boone and Crockett Club (president) Bronx Parkway Commission (president) Citizens’ Committee on Immigration Legislation (vice president) Conseil International de la Chasse (vice president) Eugenics Committee of the U.S.A. (board of directors) Eugenics Research Association (president) Galton Society for the Study of the Origin and Evolution of Man (cofounder) Immigration Restriction League (vice president) Immigration Restriction League, Inc. (vice president) International Commission on Eugenics (board of directors) League of American Sportsmen (board of directors) Military Order of the Loyal Legion (board of directors) National Conference on Outdoor Recreation (general council) National Institute of Social Sciences (vice president) National Parks Association (cofounder) National Parks Committee (founder) Natural Parks Association of Washington (cofounder) New York State Park Plan Committee (chairman) New York Zoological Society (president) Save-the-Redwoods League (cofounder) Society of Colonial Wars (cofounder) Taconic Park Commission (board of directors) Westchester County Park Commission (board of directors) Woodcraft League of America (national council) ...


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