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321 halfset. 1.In dance,a performance of set dance by half the usual complement of four couples (eight people), in which the two couples face each other. 2. An incomplete set of uilleann pipes which has only chanter and drones, typically used by beginners , or by a player awaiting delivery of, or the funds for the purchase of, regulators. Hall, Reg. (1933– ) Melodeon and vamp piano player, researcher, writer, lecturer and record producer.He began playing in the Irish community in London with Michael Gorman in The Bedf ord Arms in the mid-1950s, and has since associated with most of the local Irish musicians of his generation . He partnered fiddle player Jimmy Power for over twenty years, including fourteen with him in The Favourite, and he is still an active musician, having been resident in The Auld Triangle at Finsbury Park for nearly a decade.He has produced many lps and cds of Irish, English and American traditional music, frequently in collaboration with Bill Leader and Tony Engle, and he favours field and location recording over the social and acoustic sterility of the recording studio. Paddy in the Smoke (1968, 1997) presents audio snapshots of some of the outstanding musicians around at the time; John Kimmel (1977), Irish Dance Music (1995), Past Masters of Irish Dance Music (2000) and Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music (2001) draw on his collection of rare 78 rpm discs from the 1900s to the 1940s; Round the House and Mind the Dresser (2001) features tunes for the old country-house dances; The Sligo Champion (2001) looks at the course of Irish music through the life of Michael Gorman; and long-serving founders of the music scene in London are represented on We Sailed away from Dublin Bay: Liam Farrell and Joe Whelan (2002) and The Spirit of West Clare: Bobby Casey (2007). As the compiler of The Voice of the People (1998), he has made available on twenty cds 500 recorded performances of Irish and British traditional music, many of which had never previously been heard. He is currently the editor of a second series based largely on field recordings made in the 1950s, which will include a four-cd set of Irish music recorded in London, and his book, A Few Tunes of Good Music: A History of Irish Music and Dance in London, 1800–1980,is due for publication in 2010. In 2009 he received the TG4 Gradam Ceoil award for his services to Irish music,and was honoured by Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy. Halls’Ireland. A travelogue researched c.1839–40 by Samuel Carter (SC) and Anna Maria (Mrs SC) Hall (published 1841–3 in 3 vols). With words, sketches and engravings, it is an extensive, objective (but not without wonder and moralism) ethnographic-style collection of commentary on the natural features, agriculture, industry, culture, customs and people of all counties of Ireland. It covers items relating to uilleann pipes and fiddle, with sketches of pipes and tin whistle players, and has the earliest combined depiction and description of the ‘borrane’,a skin tray from which today’s bodhrán took its name. See also under bodhrán. Hamilton, Colin (Hammy). (1953– ). Flute player and maker, singer, researcher and writer. Born Belfast, he was one of the many introduced to traditional music through the folk/ballad revival of the 1960s. Self-taught on tin whistle and flute, he studied human physiology at QUB, then did postgraduate studies in ethnomusicology under John Blacking. His MA study covered ‘the session’ in Irish music. He moved to Cúil Aodha, and in 1979 set up the first professional workshop devoted to making flutes for Irish traditional music. He became flute tutor to the Music Department of UCC in 1983, in 1990 published the seminal Irish Fluteplayer’s Handbook, and released the album The Moneymusk. He was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at UCLA in 1995,and was a co-founder with Paul McGettrick of the Irtrad-L internet discussion list. His PhD thesis on the role of commercial recordings in Irish traditional music was completed at UL in 1996. His research is in the history of traditional music,and organology.Publications include: H Hamilton, Diane 322 John Rea: A Profile of the Hammer Dulcimer Player (1977); The Irish Fluteplayer’s Handbook (1990); ‘Designing a Flute for Irish Traditional Music’, in Ireland’s Musical Instrument Makers (1990); ‘The Simple System Flute in Irish Traditional Music’, Journal of the British Flute Society (1991); ‘Traditional...


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