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Notes Introduction: Ira F. Stone 1. Scult, Judaism Faces The Twentieth Century, 108. 2. E.g., Solomon Schechter, Studies in Judaism, First series, 1–25. 3. The distinction between Mussar literature and the Mussar movement will be explained later in this Introduction. 4. Eugene Borowitz, “The Pivotal Issue in a Century’s Jewish Thought,” Conservative Judaism 55, no. 4, Summer 2003. 5. Scult, Judaism Faces The Twentieth Century, 24. 6. The Mussar Movement was founded in Lithuania by Rabbi Israel Lipkin ofSalant in the latter part of the 19th century. It was a Yeshiva-based practice of religio-ethical piety. 7. Moses ben Maimon, Mishneh Torah, Chap. 8. 8. See, Chap. 19. 9. Genesis Rabbah 9:7. 10. . See, Chap. 1, par. 1. 11. This understanding of Creation is expanded in A Responsible Life, 7–14. 12. . This has been accomplished in The Complete Mesillat Yesharim: Dialogue and Thematic Versions, Ofeq Institute, which also published the original Hebrew manuscript with an extensive introduction tracing its discovery. See bibliography. Preface: Moses Hayyim Luzzatto 1. See, Introduction: Ira F. Stone, ix. Chapter One 1. Emmanuel Levinas, “A Religion For Adults,” Difficult Freedom, trans. Sean Hand, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 18. 2. Cite discussion in Introduction: Ira F. Stone, ix. 3. See, Introduction: Ira F. Stone, ix. 4. Ibid., ix. h 275 276 Mesillat Yesharim h Chapter Two 1. I owe this formulation to Rabbi Ephraim Becker of Israel, who offered it in his presentation delivered at the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan on June 22, 2003. Chapter Thirteen 1. This translation is taken from the note on this issue in The Complete Mesillat Yesharim, 168, n.44. Chapter Nineteen 1. The text Ramchal quotes from Bava Kamma differs from current editions, where “matters relating to damages” is attributed to R. Judah; “matters relating to Avot,” to Rava; and “matters involving blessings,” to “others.” ...


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