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The Indianapolis Archaeological Conference A Symposium upon the Archaeological Problems of the North Central United States Area Held under the Auspices of the Division of Anthropology and Psychology Committee on State Archaeological Surveys National Research Council Hotel Marrott, Indianapolis, Indiana December 6, 7, and 8, 1935 Issued by the Committee on State Archaeological Surveys Division of Anthropology and Psychology National Research Council [iii] Table of Contents List of Delegates [iv] 337 Preface [v] 339 Friday Morning Session Wisconsin-W C. McKern [I] 341 Iowa-Charles R. Keyes [3] 343 Minnesota-Lloyd A. Wilford [8] 350 Illinois-Thorne Deuel [9] 351 Friday Afternoon Session Indiana-Glenn A. Black [12] 354 Indiana (continued)-E. Y. Guernsey [14] 356 Ohio-E. F. Greenman [16] 358 Michigan-Carl E. Guthe [q] 359 Kentucky-Wm. S. Webb [18] 360 New York-William A. Ritchie [19] 361 "Siouan Tribes of the Ohio Valley"-John R. Swanton [24] 366 Saturday Morning Session Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr. [35] 379 Fay-Cooper Cole (letter) [39] 384 Frank M. Setzler [42] 387 General Discussion [43] 389 Saturday Afternoon Session James B. Griffin [48] 393 General Discussion [50] 395 Saturday Evening Session Formulation of tentative classification for the area under discussion [58] 403 Sunday Morning Session [63] 407 Tentative Classification Chart [69a] 414 Appendix "Certain Culture Classification Problems in Middle Western Archaeology," by W C. McKern (reprint of Circular Series #17 of the Committee on State Archaeological Surveys) [70] 415 SETTING THE AGENDA FOR AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY [ivl List of Delegates and Guests Glenn A. Black, Indiana Historical Society Amos W Butler, Indianapolis Thorne Deuel, University of Chicago Emerson F. Greenman, University of Michigan James B. Griffin, University of Michigan E. Y. Guernsey, Indiana Historical Society Carl E. Guthe, University of Michigan Charles R. Keyes, State Historical Society of Iowa Eli Lilly, Indiana Historical Society W C. McKern, Milwaukee Public Museum William A. Ritchie, Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr., Bureau of American Ethnology Frank M. Setzler, U.S. National Museum John R. Swanton, Bureau of American Ethnology Carl F. Voegelin, Yale University Erminie Voegelin, Yale University Wm. S. Webb, University of Kentucky Paul Weer, Indiana Historical Society Lloyd A. Wilford, University of Minnesota [vl Preface During recent years the amount of data relating to the archaeological cultures of the northern Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes region has grown considerably, due in large measure to the increased field and laboratory research within this area. The attempts to define the several cultures and to determine their relationships demonstrated the need for a conference of the students actively concerned with the archaeological problems of this area to establish, if possible, a uniform methodology and a greater correlation of the investigations. In recognition of this need, and in response to a request from the Committee on State Archaeological Surveys, the National Research Council granted the funds which made possible this conference at Indianapolis. The conference was called for the specific purpose of discussing the technical problems relating to the comparative study of the archaeological cultures in the upper Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes region. Detailed descriptions of the results of the investigation of individual sites were not pertinent to the meeting. The group of delegates was purposely kept small in order to ensure the freedom of informal discussion, and was confined to research students who were interested either in the archaeological problems of a restricted part of the area or in the comparative significance of these problems with relation to similar ones in other areas. The first day of the meeting was devoted to a series of informal statements from the several delegates outlining briefly the cultural problems arising from a study of the archaeological materials occurring in their own state. These reports were arranged in a rough geographical sequence from west to east, as will be noted in the table of contents. The manuscript record made by Mrs. Dorothy Schulte of the Committee on State Archaeological Surveys was submitted to the speakers subsequent to the conference . In some instances extensive alterations and additions were made, which have served to increase the value of the statements as they appear in this report. It is inevitable that these revisions may contain interpretations and opinions reached by the speakers as a result of the conference. With this general review of the current archaeological situation in the several states before them, the delegates devoted the second and third days of the conference to an illuminating and instructive discussion of the comparative...


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