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Conference on Southern Pre-History Held under the Auspices of the Division of Anthropology and Psychology Committee on State Archaeological Surveys National Research Council Hotel Tutwiler Birmingham, Alabama December 18, 19, and 20, 1932 Issued by the National Research Council 2101 Constitution Avenue Washington, D.C. Conferees attending the I932 Conference on Southern Pre-History in Birmingham, Alabama, are: Standing left to right: Mr. S. C. Dellinger, Mr. Edward Ginnane, Master John Rothermel, Mr. ]. F. Rothermel, Mrs. Paul Pim, Prof. Wm. S. Webb, Dr. Forrest Clements, Mr. James Ford, Prof. Fred B. Kniffen, Miss Catoline Dormon, Mrs. Marion Hale Britten, Dr. Carl E. Guthe, Mr. Moreau B. Chambers, Mr. Gene Stirling, Mr. Henry B. Collins, Jr., Mr. Neil M. Judd, Dr. John R. Swanton, Mr. K. W Grimley, Dr. A. T. Poffenberger, Mr. E. F. Neild, Miss Clara Berentz, Dr. Knight Dunlap, Dr. Walter B. Jones, Dr. Clark Wissler. Kneeling left to right: Mr. Q. B. Schenk, Mr. Paul Pim, Mr. H. E. Wheeler, Dr. W D. Strong, Dr. Ralph Linton, Mr. E. C. Horton, Dr. ]. E. Pearce, Dr. Fay-Cooper Cole, Mr. M. W Stirling, Mr. H. F. Wenning. [ii] Table of Contents Program [iii] 213 List of members and guests [iv] 215 First day, December I8 Trip to Alabama Museum of Natural History and to Moundville [I] 219 Informal dinner and welcoming speeches [2] 220 Informal discussions of Moundville and Etowah excavations, led by Dr. Moorehead and Dr. Jones [3] 221 Second day, December I9 Morning session, Dr. Wissler, Chairman The Interest of Scientific Men in Pre-History, Dr. Linton [3] 221 Southeastern Indians of History, Dr. Swanton [5] 223 The Pre-Historic Southern Indians, Mr. Stirling [20] 241 Afternoon session, Mr. Brannon, Chairman The Bluff Shelters of Arkansas, Mr. Dellinger [31] 252 Report on Moundville Culture, Dr. Jones and Mr. Dejarnette [34] 256 Archaeology of Mississippi, Mr. Collins [37] 259 Pre-Historic Cultures of Louisiana, Mr. Walker [42] 265 Archaeological Tasks for Tennessee, Mr. Peacock [48] 271 Significance of the East Texas Archaeological Field, Mr. Pearce [53] 276 Evening session, Dr. Wissler presiding The Relation of the Southeast to General Culture Problems of American Pre-History, Dr. Swanton [60] 283 Third day, December {20J Morning session, Dr. Guthe, Chairman Exploration and Excavation, Dr. Cole [74J 299 Laboratory and Museum Work, Mr. Judd [79J 303 Comparative Research and Publication, Dr. Wissler [88J 313 Afternoon session, round-table discussions Field Methods, Dr. Moorehead, Chairman [93J 319 Laboratory Methods, Dr. Strong, Chairman [94J 319 Research and Publication, Dr. Webb, Chairman [95J 320 Dinner and evening session, Dr. Guthe presiding [96J 321 Appointment of committee to arrange for future conference [96J 322 Adoption of resolutions [97J 322 Appendix Figure I. Indian tribes and linguistic stocks in the eastern part of the United States about 1700 324 Figure 2. Relation of Indian tribes in the Southeast to the physical divisions 325 Figure 3. Hypothetical route of De Soto 327 Figure 4. Distribution of certain cultural traits in the Southeast 328 Figure 5. Tribal movements of the eastern Indians 329 Figure 6. Significant tribal locations 330 Figure 7. Archaeological culture areas 331 212 SETTING THE AGENDA FOR AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY [iii] Program Hotel Tutwiler, Birmingham, Alabama, December 18,19, and 20, 1932 Sunday, December I8 9:30 A.M. Trip to University of Alabama Museum and the Moundville excavations Lunch in Tuscaloosa. TOO P.M. Dinner at Hotel Tutwiler, Birmingham 8:30 P.M. Smoker, informal Welcome to the Conference from the City of Birmingham-Mr. Earle Response from the National Research Council-Dr. Poffenberger "The Significance of Moundville"-Dr. Moorehead and Dr. Jones Monday, December I9 10:00 A.M. "The Interest of Scientific Men in Pre-History"-Dr. Linton Response by Dr. Wissler, Permanent Chairman of the Conference "Southeastern Indians of History"-Dr. Swanton "The Pre-Historic Southern Indians"-Mr. Stirling 12:30 P.M. Luncheon 2:00 P.M. Recent Field Work in Southern Archaeology, Session Chairman, Mr. Brannon Arkansas-Mr. Dellinger Alabama-Dr. Jones Mississippi-Mr. Collins Louisiana-Mr. Walker Tennessee-Mr. Peacock Eastern Texas-Mr. Pearce (Ten minutes of discussion to follow each paper) 6:30 P.M. Dinner 8:00 P.M. Dr. Wissler presiding "The Relation of the Southeast to General Culture Problems of American Pre-History" Dr. Swanton Tuesday, December 20 ro:OO A.M. Session chairman, Dr. Guthe "Exploration and Excavation"-Dr. Cole "Laboratory and Museum Work"-Mr. Judd "Comparative Research and Publication" -Dr. Wissler (Each paper to be followed by discussion) 12:30 P...


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