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IIIustrations Clark Wissler 5 Roland B. Dixon 5 Arthur C. Parker 13 A. V. Kidder with Alfred M. Tozzer and Carl E. Guthe 19 Frederick W Hodge 27 Matthew W Stirling alongside Olmec colossal head 4 at La Venta 29 Fay-Cooper Cole 38 John R. Swanton 42 Henry B. Collins 43 James B. Griffin examining pottery from the Kincaid site 49 W C. McKern 51 The analytical relations among traits, components, and foci in the Midwestern Taxonomic Method 56 The Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio 86 Monk's Mound, Cahokia Group, in East St. Louis, Illinois 203 The "Red" Mound at Cahokia 203 Pottery vessels from the mounds near Lewiston, Illinois 203 Example of methods of excavation at Lewiston, Illinois 204 Post-molds uncovered by excavation of a mound near Pembroke, Kentucky 205 Specimen of pottery used by the "Hopewell" people of Ohio 205 Examples of handiwork found in a "Hopewell" mound north of La Crosse, Wisconsin 206 Mound B at Moundville 208 Conferees attending the 1932 Conference on Southern Pre-History in Birmingham, Alabama 209 Indian tribes and linguistic stocks in the eastern part of the United States about 1700 324 Relation of Indian tribes in the Southeast to the physical divisions 325 Hypothetical route of De Soto 327 Distribution of certain cultural traits in the Southeast 328 Tribal movements of the eastern Indians 329 Significant tribal locations 330 Archaeological culture areas 331 Tentative Archaeological Culture Classification for Upper Mississippi and Great Lakes areas 414 ...


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