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xix Acknowledgments No book, but especially no three-volume anthology like this, is possible without a great deal of support. We would like to thank several people who were particularly helpful in selecting the subjects and essayists, including Walter Edgar, director of the Institute for Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina and editor of The South Carolina Encyclopedia, and Amy Thompson McCandless , dean of the Graduate School and associate provost for research at the College of Charleston and an associate editor for the section on women in the Encyclopedia of South Carolina. Robin Copp, Henry Fulmer, and Allen Stokes of the South Caroliniana Library also provided valuable suggestions as well as other forms of assistance, as did the SCLC’s Beth Bilderback, who helped us locate illustrations, and Nicholas Meriwether who helped us with oral histories. Herb Hartsook and Lori Schwartz of the South Carolina Political Collections also helped us a great deal. Elease Slaughter, African American Studies’ graduate assistant, committed considerable time and effort during the final compilation stage of this volume. We are forever grateful to all of them. We would like to thank several administrators at the University of South Carolina who have been generous with support at crucial junctures: Lawrence Glickman, History Department chair; Lacy Ford, former History Department chair and vice provost; Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; and Harris Pastides, president. It has been a pleasure working with the University of Georgia Press. We are especially grateful to Nancy Grayson, associate director and editor in chief, whose support for this anthology and the series of which it is a part has made this project possible. We are also thankful for the help provided by others at the press: Nicole Mitchell, Courtney Denney, Regan Huff, Derek Krissoff, John McLeod, David E. Des Jardines, Pat Allen, Samantha Knoll, Jon Davies, and Beth Sneed. Finally, we thank MJ Devaney for her meticulous copyediting and Robert Ellis for his skillful indexing. As we indicated in the dedications to the two previous volumes, we are grateful to our mothers, Edna Whitley Spruill, Bessie M. Pearley, and Dorothy Infosino , for inspiring us, and to our husbands, Don H. Doyle, Dan Littlefield, xx Acknowledgments and Don Johnson, for their encouragement. This volume is dedicated to our children Scott Spruill Wheeler and Jessie Spruill Wheeler; Quentin Lemont Whitted; Darci Nicole Johnson, Sophie Danielle Johnson, and Elise Corinne Johnson, and to the memory of Harriet Keyserling and Constance Ashton Myers. As we complete the final volume of the anthology, we cannot help but think back to the meeting seven years ago when the three of us and Nancy Grayson met around Marjorie’s dining room table and began planning this ambitious project. Three volumes, forty-seven essays, and 1082 pages later, South Carolina Women: Their Lives and Times is a reality. We continue to believe in its importance and are gratified by the response to it thus far. We have enjoyed working with one another as well as with the authors of the essays. We appreciate their talents, diligence, and patience. Finally, we thank the South Carolina women whose lives inspired the essays, those who have passed away and those who are very much alive and with whom we look forward to celebrating. Marjorie Julian Spruill Valinda W. Littlefield Joan Marie Johnson January 2012 This page intentionally left blank South Carolina Women This page intentionally left blank ...


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