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Contents Preface xi Acknowledgments xix Introduction marjorie julian spruill, valinda w. littlefield, and joan marie johnson 1 Ruby Forsythe and Fannie Phelps Adams Teaching for Confrontation during Jim Crow valinda w. littlefield 17 Mary Gordon Ellis The Politics of Race and Gender from Schoolhouse to Statehouse carol sears botsch 35 Julia Mood Peterkin and Wil Lou Gray The Art and Science of Race Progress mary mac ogden 58 Dr. Hilla Sheriff Caught between Science and the State at the South Carolina Midwife Training Institutes patricia evridge hill 78 Julia and Alice Delk From Rural Life to Welding at the Charleston Navy Yard in World War II fritz p. hamer 95 Louise Smith The First Lady of Racing suzanne wise 115 viii Contents Mary Blackwell Baker Her Quiet Campaign for Labor Justice constance ashton myers 135 Susan Dart Butler and Ethel Martin Bolden South Carolina’s Pioneer African American Librarians georgette mayo 154 Harriet Simons Women, Race, Politics, and the League of Women Voters of South Carolina jennifer e. black 179 Alice Buck Norwood Spearman Wright A Civil Rights Activist marcia g. synnott 200 Modjeska Monteith Simkins I Cannot Be Bought and Will Not Be Sold cherisse jones-branch 221 Septima Poinsette Clark The Evolution of an Educational Stateswoman katherine mellen charron 240 Mary Elizabeth Massey A Founder of Women’s History in the South constance ashton myers 262 Polly Woodham The Many Roles of Rural Women melissa walker 287 Mary Jane Manigault A Basket Maker’s Legacy kate porter young 307 Dolly Hamby The Rise of Two-Party Politics in South Carolina john w. white 322 Contents ix Harriet Keyserling Political Trailblazer page putnam miller 346 Victoria Eslinger, Keller Bumgardner Barron, Mary Heriot, Tootsie Holland, and Pat Callair Champions of Women’s Rights in South Carolina marjorie julian spruill 373 Jean Hoefer Toal The Rise of Women in the Legal Profession w. lewis burke and bakari t. sellers 409 Notes on Contributors 435 Index 441 This page intentionally left blank ...


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