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v Contents Preface vii–viii Exasperated Admiration: Bernard Shaw on Queen Victoria 1–22 His Brother’s Keeper: William Michael and Dante Gabriel Rossetti: 1828–1919 23–69 Disraeli’s Endymion and the Unfinished Falconet 70–86 Disraeli and Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray 87–96 Collecting the Quarrels: Whistler and The Gentle Art of Making Enemies 97–110 Oscar Wilde and The Green Carnation: Narcissus Exposed 111–123 The Critic in Spite of Himself: Oscar Wilde 124–144 vi Beardsley Before TheYellow Book 145–162 Another Look at TheYellow Book 163–181 Beardsley and The Savoy 182–213 Shaw’s Lady Cicely and the Remarkable Mary Kingsley 214–221 A.D. 3,000.The True Report of a County Council Candidate’s Dream, The People He Saw,What They Thought of Him, and He of Them 222–228 Reclaiming Late-Victorian Popular Fiction 229–245 Notes 246–254 Index 255–265 Original Locations of Chapters 266 ...

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