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To begin, I’d like to extend special thanks to numerous anonymous individuals who risked their standing or job security to connect me with leads, offer guidance, spill dirt, and sneak me into places I perhaps shouldn’t have been. These include one World Bank executive, one member of Congress, one engineer at General Motors, two marketing executives, one former teen celebrity, two political strategists in Washington dc, two military contractors, a high school vice principal, one solar industry executive, one solar sales rep, one mining worker, and three especially helpful security guards. I also extend thanks to those organizations that generously released confidential reports, which I had worked on, so I might draw upon their findings in this very public setting. I appreciate the cooperation from numerous Department of Energy employees, who provided everything from images to insight on internal decisionmaking. This book would not have been possible without brave Acknowledgments xii Acknowledgments individuals from the World Bank, U.S. military, academia, and industry who were involved in whistle-blowing, industrial espionage , and leaks exposing wrongdoings. Their courage reminds us there are rules that are provisional and rules that are not. My enthusiastic and keen agent, Uwe Stender, generously pursued a nonprofit press deal while offering me limitless support and advice. I'd like to thank the editors and staff at the University of Nebraska Press, including Heather Lundine, Bridget Barry, Joeth Zucco, and Cara Pesek, who believed in this work enough to buy the rights, support this book in staff meetings, coordinate expert reviews, considerably improve the manuscript, and put up with this green writer. Special thanks go to Karen Brown, whose copyediting cut a path through my writing for readers to follow. I’d especially like to mention the generous support of numerous educators, colleagues, and advisers starting with John Grin, Loet Leydesdorff, Stuart Blume, Chunglin Kwa, and, in memory , Olga Amsterdamska from the University of Amsterdam; Steven Epstein (Northwestern University), Naomi Oreskes, Katrina Peterson, and Marisa Brandt from the Department of Science Studies at the University of California–San Diego; Joseph Dumit, Mario Biagioli, Tom Beamish, Tim Choy, Jim Griesemer, Caren Kaplan, Colin Milburn, Chris Kortright, and Michelle Stewart from the Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of California–Davis; Cori Hayden, Cathryn Carson, Hélène Mialet, Mark Robinson, Mark Fleming, Jerry Zee, Mary Murrell, Diana Wear, and Gene Rochlin from the Science, Technology, and Society Center at the University of California–Berkeley; Reginald Bell at Kettering University; Charles Francis at the University of Nebraska; David Ochsner at the University of Texas at Austin; Brian Steele from the former Kalamazoo Academy; the dedicated staff at Nature Bridge Headlands Institute; and the Science, Technology, and Society faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. xiii Acknowledgments I am grateful for the editors who dealt with various rough drafts of this manuscript, from proposal to completion, including especially Frieder Christman, Oleg Makariev, and Joe Clement , as well as the acutely helpful input from three anonymous academic reviewers. I'd also like to thank Saad Padela, Jenny Braswell, Harshan Ramadass, Tayo Sowunmi, Nahvae Frost, Myla Mercer, Judy Traub, Sarah Margolis, Cheryl Levy, Garrett Brown, and Karla L. Topper. I’d like to thank numerous individuals who assisted me with conceptual and theoretical development: Charlie Zuver, D. A. M., Brad Borevitz, Kyla Schuller, Jeffrey Stevens, Jack Markey, L. Chase Smith, Kien Tran, Babs Mondschein, Yao Odamtten, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, Drika Makariev, Valera Zakharov, Florence Zakharov, Ariel Linet, Ben Wyskida, Daniel Williford , Jesse Burchfield, Jessica Upson, Nathalie Jones, Nicholas Sanchez, Allison Rooney, Rex Norton, Hilda Norton, Jens Maier, Paul Burow, Santani Teng, Thomas Kwong, Stefanie Graeter, Susan Elliott Sim, Tom Waidzunas, Olivia Iordanescu, James Dawson, Maurice van den Dobbelsteen, Thomas Gurney , Jurjen van Rees, and the many other people who helped out along the way. Most importantly, I am thankful for the boundless support of my family: Patti Zehner, Tom Zehner, Robby Zehner, Aaron Norton, Sabin Blake, and Randy Shannon. All errors in judgment, content, or otherwise lie with me. ...


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