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“In this terrific book, Ozzie Zehner explains why most current approaches to the world’s gathering climate and energy crises are not only misguided but actually counterproductive. We fool ourselves in innumerable ways, and Zehner is especially good at untangling sloppy thinking. Yet Green Illusions is not a litany of despair. It’s full of hope—which is different from false hope, and which requires readers with open, skeptical minds.”— David Owen, author of Green Metropolis “Think the answer to global warming lies in solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels? Think again. . . . In this thought-provoking and deeply researched critique of popular ‘green’ solutions, Zehner makes a convincing case that such alternatives won’t solve our energy problems; in fact, they could make matters even worse.”—Susan Freinkel, author of Plastic: A Toxic Love Story “There is no obvious competing or comparable book. . . . Green Illusions has the same potential to sound a wake-up call in the energy arena as was observed with Silent Spring in the environment, and Fast Food Nation in the food system.”—Charles Francis, former director of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture Systems at the University of Nebraska “This is one of those books that you read with a yellow marker and end up highlighting most of it.”—David Ochsner, University of Texas at Austin Green Illusions Our Sustainable Future Series Editors Charles A. Francis University of Nebraska–Lincoln Cornelia Flora Iowa State University Paul A. Olson University of Nebraska–Lincoln ...


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