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Index Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia, sought German arms and contacts, 352 Abelshauser, Werner, on Third Reich as "a catalyst of modernization," 486 Academic Center of Christian Democracy, 143 Academic Karelia Society, principles of, 310 A\iiio Integralista Brasileira (Brazilian Integralist Action): aims of, 345; as antiSemitic , 345; movement suppressed after coup attempt, 346 Acciio Escolar Vanguarda (Student Action Vanguard), 315 Accion Espanola, patterned after Action Fran~aise. 255 Accion Revolucionaria Mexicana, 342 Acerbo Law, 113 Acquila, Giulio. See Sa~ D. Action Fran\iaise, 15,39-40,292; principles of. 47 Action Nationale, soon absorbed by Legion Nationale, 300 Activists, remnant organization of Vlajka that supported full Nazification, 427 Adorno, Theodor, 453 Adowa, Italian defeat at, 61, 80 Advance Guards, political militia of National Union Party of Hungary, 269 AEV. See Acciio Escolar Vanguarda AF. See Action Fran\iaise Aflaq, Michel, 516 African nations with some fascist traits, 514 Afrikaner: Nationalist Party, 338, 339; Resistance Movement, 513 "Afrikaner fascism", 340 Agrarian Union, 133; peace movement par excellence, 326 Aguirre Cerda, presidential candidate of leftist Chilean Popular Front. 342 AlB. See Aliao Integralista Brasileira AKS. See Academic Karelia Society Albania: converted into virtual Italian protectorate , 227; formal occupation of, 243 Albifiana, founder of Spanish Nationalist Party,258-59 Alessandri, Jorge, 341 Alexander, King of Yugoslavia, 15, 143-44; assassination of, 70, 325, 406 Alfonsine monarchists, 255 Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, appointment by, of Primo de Rivera as prime minister, 138 Algiers, 1897 pogrom in, 45 All for the Fatherland movement, 286. See also Legion of the Archangel Michael Allardyce, Gilbert, 461 Alleanza del Lavoro, formed in February 1992 to resist Fascism, 107 Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance) of MSI and conservatives. 508 Alltagsgeschichte (the history of everyday life), 450 Almirante, Giorgio, as MSI leader, 507 Alto Adige, Hitler's respect for Italian control of,463 Ambri, Mario, Ifalsifascismi (1980), 461 Ambris, Alceste de, 81, 92 Amendola, Giovanni, first use of totalitarian state as pejorative by, 121 anarchists, bomb placed by, in Milan theater ,99 anarchists of Spain, influence of fascism on, 263 Ancona, Mussolini as dominant figure at 579 580 Index Ancona. (continued) Socialist party congress at. 84 ANI. See Italian Nationalist Association annual industrial growth in Italy, depression years, 225-26 anthropology, political and philosophical program based upon, 510 anti-Christ, some Fascist publications referred to Hitler as, 232 Anti-Comintern Pact, Danish government signed, 421-22 antifascism: as dominant political fact in France after February 1934 riots, 294; search for new policies conceived from viewpoint of, in Japan, 334 anti-Jewish legislation of Hungary using racial-hereditary criteria, 275 Anti-Semitic German Social Party, 57 Anti-Semitic League of France, 45, 292, 293 Anti-Semitic People's Party, 57 anti-Semitism: active in France at turn of century , 45; fascist ideology not necessarily, II; in end of 19th century German-speaking world, racial in doctrine, 57; in Romania, 135,277; increase in South Africa of, 339; limited measures in early years of Nazi regime in Germany of, 381; moderate use in National Socialist propaganda of, 167; moderate versions becoming more acceptable , 58; nineteenth century revival of, 31-32; origin of the term, 56; virulence and centrality of Hitler's, 158 Antonescu, General Ion, 288: became hero of century in Romania, 519; demanded King Carol's abdication, 392; executed as a war criminal, 396; personal rapport of, with Hitler, 395; refused to hand most Jews in Romania to S5, 396; Romanian media hailed memory of, in 1991,397; with Horia Sima in Bucharest, photograph showing, 393 AO. See Nazi Party, Auslandsorganisation, South African branch of apartheid system, as "racial democracy" not authoritarian system, 339-40 APRA (Peru), 341 Arab National Union party (Egypt), 515 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, assassination of, 70 Arcoleo, Giorgio, 62 arditi,90 Arditi del Popolo, 101 Arendt, Hannah, 206, 371,455; on MussoIini 's government as not true totalitarian system, 448 Argentina: Fascist Party, 347; home of most ideologically developed radical right in Latin America, 347; "national populism," differences from European fascism, 349; Patriotic League, 347; Peronism, background to, 347 Ariosophic occultism, partial origin of Nazi ideology in, 200 "Ariosophist" doctrines, 150 "Ariosophy," occult doctrine of, 58-59 ARM. See Accion Revolucionaria Mexicana Armenians, genocide of, by Turks, 75 Army Comrades Association, 305 Army League, 49 Arpinati, Leandro, as one of most honest and effective party administrators, 218 Arrow Cross, 15, 269; access of, to power blocked by semiauthoritarian government , 276; as genuine fascist regime, 469; common name for Hungarian National Socialist Party-Hungarist, 274; drop...


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