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Illustrations ltalo Balbo leads a "punitive expedition" in Parma 97 Bianchi, De Bono, De Vecchi, Mussolini, and Balbo, October 1922 109 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu 137 Josef Goebbels addressing a street rally in Berlin, 1926 159 Poster depiction of Adolf Hitler 166 An SA parade in Munich 169 Hitler reviewing an SA parade in Munich 171 Hitler at a Nazi rally 175 Hitler greets Hindenburg, March 21, 1933 177 Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler 183 Hitler Youth Poster 193 Nazi party rally in Nuremberg, 1934 199 Mussolini depicted as idealized worker among the Italian people, 1934 219 Fascist gerarchi demonstrate their vigor 236 Hitler greeted by Mussolini on his arrival in Italy, May 5, 1938 241 Ramiro Ledesma Ramos 257 Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera 259 Funeral of a slain Falangist law student in Madrid, February 1934 260 Falangists leading a demonstration in the center of Madrid 262 Franco addressing a large political audience in Madrid soon after the Civil War 265 Iron Guard militiaman exhibiting the swastika armband 283 Codreanu in peasant costume, surrounded by followers 285 Rexist poster publicizing Leon Degrelle 301 Sir Oswald Mosley at a rally in London's Hyde Park, September 9, 1935 303 ix x Illustrations "Violently expelling the Jewish-Bolsheviks" (London, October 5, 1936) 304 Vidkun Quisling 307 Nazi propaganda poster for the plebiscite on the annexation of Austria, April 19, 1938 359 Signing of the Tripartite Pact in Berlin, September 1940 366 Recruitment poster for the Waffen SS "Wallonie" Brigade in Belgium, 1942 374 Horia Sima with Marshal Ion Antonescu in Bucharest, September 1940 393 Ante Pavelic meets Italian foreign minister Ciano in Venice, December 15, 1941 408 Ferenc Szalasi in Budapest, October 16, 1944 418 Serrano Sufier, Franco and Mussolini at Bordighera, February 12, 1941 432 Falangists lead a mass anti-Soviet demonstration in Madrid, June 24, 1941 433 Ram6n Serrano Sufier while Spanish Minister of the Interior, 1940 434 ...


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