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Contents Illustrations IX Tables xi Preface Xlll Introduction. Fascism: A Working Definition 3 PART I: HISTORY I. The Cultural Transformation of the Fin de siecle 23 2. Radical and Authoritarian Nationalism in Late Nineteenth-Century Europe 35 3. The Impact of World War I 71 4. The Rise of Italian Fascism, 1919-1929 80 5. The Growth of Nonfascist Authoritarianism in Southern and Eastern Europe, 1919-1929 129 6. German National Socialism 147 7. The Transformation of Italian Fascism, 1929-1939 212 8. Four Major Variants of Fascism 245 9. The Minor Movements 290 10. Fascism Outside Europe? 328 11. World War II: Climax and Destruction of Fascism 355 vii viii Contents PART II: INTERPRETATION 12. Interpretations of Fascism 13. Generic Fascism? 14. Fascism and Modernization 15. Elements of a Retrodictive Theory of Fascism Epilogue. Neofascism: A Fascism in Our Future? Bibliography Index 441 462 471 487 496 523 579 ...


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