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anna nelson harry Two Sisters One time it was, a woman, sisters, two of them.1 One of them, however, had no sense. Nothing mattered to her. The other one however was good. She was a nice person. A man liked her. A man liked her, because she was a nice person. As for the other one though, she wasn’t thus. She was a bad person. She got married, that girl, that little sister,2 she got married. She married into a big house. She got married and then her father and mother, they built a house. They built a house. They built a house. The other one however not so. She lived alone.  Eyak Her father and mother built a house and then, they moved away from them.3 They moved. They moved again. She had a house in a different place again. She had a big plot of land, she acquired it. She had two children and then, she had children. Children, six children she had, from her husband. Her husband died on her and then, she wouldn’t remarry. She didn’t want that, to get remarried. She would never remarry, because of those children of hers. Her children, she didn’t want that, that anyone should slap their faces and beat them up, that anybody should beat them up, those children of hers. She didn’t beat any of them up, nobody. Then they got somewhat big. They had gotten somewhat big and then,4 their mother moved with them. Their mother moved with them and then – – where at? – – Aleuts came upon them.5 An Aleut killed some of them. Those Aleuts, one boy and one girl, they killed that woman’s children. They killed them and then, a paddle, they wrapped it around her hair,6 anna nelson harry: two sisters  they wrapped it around her hair, that girl. They thrust it under with her [tied to it] over there, they thrust it under water. Simply way under water. By the hair they held her down. They had tied her down to a paddle. As for the boy however, him they put in under a tree. They stuffed something in him. They stuffed moss in his mouth, Aleuts. She found out about it and then the mother, for eight days, she didn’t eat anything. For eight days she didn’t eat. She was going to cut something. She was going to cut something, because of that. She was going along a long time and then on this eighth day she was going along. She was going along early in the morning, the mother. Her children, she hid them inside. Then it was a magpie she came upon. It flew off. She didn’t pay attention to it.7 Then, she killed something. She cut it. She cut it, that land-otter, she cut it. She cut a land-otter.  Eyak She cut it and then, then it was, her mind became like a man’s. Already ten days have passed for her. Her mind became like a man’s and then she boated off. [For revenge] on them she had cut something. [For revenge] on those Aleuts she had cut something. She boated off. She came upon them. A woman she was. She killed them. Eight – – seven Aleuts, she slaughtered them. She dashed their brains out.8 That woman it was did thus. For that [revenge] it was she had cut something so, because of that she became thus. She killed them and then, she went back. Then she said thus, to her younger sister, ‘‘You should be married already. You’re just clutched onto the underside of dead dogs,9 for your senselessness. You lie with men on housetops,10 you lie thus.’’ That’s why that woman, that sister – – 11 people went. They were boating along. They were going to move. They were going to dry things. Her old mother was still alive. Her old father however had died. Her old mother was alive and so, anna nelson harry: two sisters  her mother too went away. They were drying fish. The sister, the one who didn’t have any sense, her child too, went away. They were going to move back from there and then she said thus to her, ‘‘Abandon her right here. She’s too senseless.’’ A slave they had, those who were going to dry fish. She had an old slave. Then, They were going...


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