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maudie dick Dzo ˛hdié’ Gū ˛h Chō Dzéhhı̄n Dzo ˛hdié’ Kills the Giant Worm act i Long ago Dzo ˛hdié’, I say, Dzo ˛hdié’. People always fought with him, they say. He lived with his grandmother, Dzo ˛hdié’, they say. His uncles lived beside him. His grandmother and the others were living there. He said to her, ‘‘Grandmother, I dreamed again.’’ She said, ‘‘Grandson, even though you follow your own mind, what did you dream? Tell me about it,’’ she said to him. Even so he wouldn’t reveal it. ‘‘Grandmother, those like that, make shrubby cinquefoil1 arrows for me.’’ He said to her, ‘‘Make two of them then.’’ She sharpened the end. She sharpened the end. Then – – what do they say then? They said it was a red willow bow. He had a bow, they say. He said, ‘‘Grandmother, carve it like that for me.’’ He packed it around then. maudie dick: dzo ˛ hdié’ kills the giant worm  She really made the bow well for him. She made those shrubby cinquefoil arrows for him, the points were already made for him. He sat down. After a while he said again, ‘‘Grandmother, I dreamed again.’’ People were living by the edge of a fish lake, they say, on the other side, like that, they were laying trees for lean-tos, living inside that, depending on fish. act ii : part 1 Across, that girl she was packing her little child all bundled. Her child was making a crying sound. That girl was running away, they say. ‘‘Something big, a big worm, was crawling after me. I ran away from it, my husband was eaten up.’’ She was packing her child facing the other way.2 They say she was going along after her husband. He said, ‘‘I’ll go make a camp.’’ She followed after him, packing her child and pulling her toboggan. She packed her child facing backward. She packed it. That child cried out, ‘‘He! He! He!’’ ‘‘What is happening?’’ she thought. She looked back. People looked through between their legs. It was taboo.3 They say they made a taboo, don’t they?  Kaska act ii : part 2 Then behind, a big worm, one this big, not as large in the middle, was crawling after her. She pulled out all kinds of beaver fat,4 all kinds of fish. Because then it was hard for her to pull along with it [the food] inside. She cut it [hide toboggan] up. She spilled it out. It [the worm] spent time there. She thought, ‘‘It’s for him [the worm].’’ Like that dried beaver fat, also dried marmot, also dried gopher. She put her pack inside, pulled it on the trail, and ran off. She ran following her husband. Her husband was going, going. Finally, among lots of dead trees, by the river there was a slough. There he was shoveling [snow] near the top of a hill. He was cutting a lean-to. She said, ‘‘Hey, let’s run off.’’ Behind, a big worm was crawling after them. She said, ‘‘My toboggan was like that, and then I cut it open. I threw everything away. Hurry, let’s run off!’’ ‘‘Where is the dried beaver fat? What are you telling me? Where is the dried beaver fat? Maybe I’ll go back and get it.’’ They said he said, ‘‘You lie.’’ ‘‘What did you say? I was pulling my little son on my back when he cried out for something. I looked behind, there was a worm this big crawling after me. maudie dick: dzo ˛ hdié’ kills the giant worm  It was already getting near. I cut my hide toboggan open and threw everything away. There too, marmot too, gopher too, beaver fat, whatever. I was going along,’’ she said. ‘‘It was like that even so.’’ It [the worm] hadn’t arrived yet when it started to get dark. It must have been eating. It must have been eating its food. Then she said to him, ‘‘Hurry! Hurry! Let’s go.’’ ‘‘Tomorrow maybe I will go back for my food. I can’t just let it go,’’ he said. ‘‘On the other side5 I became tired. What are you saying?’’ she said to him. They sat across from each other feasting on fried beaver fat. Those like that, like that,6 she cut two branches in a line. She put those two beside each other. Off to the side she made a good trail and hid its...


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