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Preface This grammar is couched in the framework of generative linguistics, but the constrained use of technical terminology and the recurrent reference to non-generative grammars of Macedonian, to Koneski’s and Topolinjska’s works, in particular, allows for a cross-framework accessibility of the data. The focal points of the grammar are the structures of the nominal phrase and the clause. Phonology is only outlined in the fourth chapter of the first part of the book, in which basic facts about the socio-linguistic status of Macedonian, its development from Common Slavic, its dialects and its relationship to other Slavic and non-Slavic Balkan languages are also presented. It is noteworthy that the discussion of the prosodic behavior of the clitics represents an important part of the outline of the phonology. Though, with the exception of pronouns and pronominal adverbs, the word classes are not displayed in distinct chapters, morphological matters are discussed exhaustively. The morphology of nouns and adjectives is presented in a chapter devoted to the agreement categories of gender and number, while the morphology of the verbs is presented in the chapters devoted to aspect and tense. Special attention is given to the forms and use of the definite and indefinite articles. There are many tables and a wealth of examples in the book. Not only the examples in the part devoted to the clause, but many of the examples in the part devoted to the nominal phrase are presented in full clauses. In the chapters devoted to the tenses, mood structures and interrogative and relative clauses, different types of clauses are discussed. Two linguists, Steven Franks and Wayles Browne, have played a crucial role in the publication of this book. Steven Franks used a previous version of the text in his class on Macedonian and made a list of questions which led to the correction of inadequacies and additional explanations. Wayles Browne read carefully two versions of the text and not only made a note of the inconsistencies, faults and misprints, but provided wise suggestions and eye opening comments with references and examples. Wayles’s proposals for additional explanations that would make the points I made clearer to the foreign reader were very valuable. I am extremely grateful to Steven and Wayles, who actually made the publication of this grammar possible. Thanks are also due to Aneta Dučevska, who proofread the final version of the text and made very useful comments. Last but not least, I would also like to thank Slavica’s editor in chief George Fowler and his team for having made my book look good. ...


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