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BIBLIOGRAPHY Not being a native speaker of Russian, I wrote this book among other reasons so I would not have to carry the extremely useful works of Unbegaun (long out of print), Fedyanina, Avanesov, Daum & Schenk, Zaliznjak, and Ožegov to class with me; and also so I would not have to be constantly explaining to students what I mean by “phoneme”, “prefix”, or “participle”. The glossary of terms at the end of this book attempts to address this second need. Reference works I found most helpful were: Avanesov, R. I. 1972. Russkoe literaturnoe proizno‰enie. Moscow: Prosveščenie. Daum, E. and W. Schenk. 1989. A Dictionary of Russian Verbs. New York: Hippocrene Books. Fedjanina, N. A. 1982. Udarenie v sovremennom russkom jazyke. Moscow: Russkij Jazyk. Ožegov, S. I. 1968. Slovar' russkogo jazyka. Moscow: Sovetskaja Enciklopedija. Unbegaun, B. O. 1960. Russian Grammar. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Zaliznjak, A. A. 1977. Grammatičeskij slovar' russkogo jazyka. Moscow: Russkij Jazyk. Other works consulted from place to place, all of them recommended as collateral reading, were: Comrie, B., G. Stone, and M. Polinsky. 1996. The Russian Language in the Twentieth Century. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Forbes, N. 1964. Russian Grammar. Third edition by J. C. Dumbreck. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Hart, D. 1996. Topics in the Structure of Russian. Columbus, OH: Slavica Publishers. Levin, M. 1978. Russian Declension and Conjugation. Columbus, OH: Slavica Publishers. Shapiro, M. 1968. Russian Phonetic Variants and Phonostylistics. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 Timberlake, A. 2004. A Reference Grammar of Russian. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Townsend, C. 1975. Russian Word Formation. Columbus, OH: Slavica Publishers. Wade, T. 1992. A Comprehensive Russian Grammar. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. ...


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