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282 Boyd & Mack/The Collected Works ofNana Asma 'u Dandi is finished. 11 God bless the Prophet Muhammad and His Family, for he exceeded all others. 12 The date ofthe Hijra is 1290629 Language oforiiUnal: Source oftext: Introduction: Welcome to the Mauritanian Scholar Qasida min Asma'u daMu 'alim al-Murtanya n.d. Arabic Waziri Junaidu Work 54 This is a formal piece welcoming a visitor from Mauritania which is at least 1500 kIn to the northwest of Sokoto. It was written in reply to the visitor's poem to Asma'u announcing his arrival en route to Mecca from Mauretania,,3o The identity of the scholar, A1haji Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Shinqiti is not clear; "al-Shinqiti" in Mauritania is the only clue, but further investigation in the national archive in Nouakchott may provide an answer. 631 Alhaji Ahmad was well known to Asma'u which is evidence of the extent of scholarly linkages over the Saharan region; in fact she refers to him as "brother". From a procedural point ofview it was clearly proper for him to write to her - which indicates her own status - and conversely for her to write to him. Related texts· None Significant features: The difficulty of translating culture-bound images is evident in this work. For instance, in this and the next piece (poems Exchanged Between Asma'u and Shaikh Sa'i


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