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28 Boyd & Mack/The Collected Works ofNana Asma 'u parents; and preventing oneself from fleeing from the battlefield and from ruining the possessions of others. Trifling sins are forgiven if grave sins are avoided. This completes what we wanted to convey. May God provide for us. Beware that you follow the Sunna until death. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. Blessings and peace upon the one sent forth, the Prophet Muhammad, upon all his Family and Companions, upon the Followers of the Followers, and upon everyone who follows them in good spirit until the Day ofJudgment. The End. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. May God grant us success in doing that which is pious and pleasing to him. Amen. May God's blessing and complete protection rest upon our master Muhammad, his family, and his companions.58 Work 2 So Verily ... Fa'inna mcfa al- Cusrin yusra 1822-123811239 Language oforiginal: Fulfulde Source of text: Waziri Junaidu Introduction: On the surface this poem is a prayer for deliverance from the threat posed by the invasion of Gobir and Adar forces'9 Its true meaning only becomes apparent when the poem is read in the light of Waziri Junaidu's explanation, and alongside Muhammad Bello's poem on the same subject. Waziri Junaidu's explanation is based on Waziri Gid'ad'o's book al-Kashfwa'l bqyiin Can bcfd 58The conclusion ofthe work in Waziri's possession reads as follows: "Praise be to God, Lord ofthe Worlds. Blessing and peace be upon the Messenger of God (May God bless and protect him). This is the end ofthe book of Asma' daughter ofthe Shehu, the Renewer ofthe Faith, the pious Shaikh, the Commander of the faithful, known as Ibn Fudi (


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