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A group ofArmy nurses pose before leaving Leyte for Hawaii. There were not enough brass hat devices to complete their newly issued uniforms; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Freed U.S. Army nurses aboard one of the planes that carried their group from Leyte to Hawaii; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Lt. Gen. Robert Richardson Jr., Commanding General USAFPOA, greets Capt. Josephine Nesbit, ANC, as she steps from the plane in Hawaii on 21 February 1945; U.S. Army Signal Corps. 1st Lt. Beatrice Chambers greeted by her brother, Lt. James Chambers, USNR, after she arrived in Honolulu ; U.S. Army Signal Corps. At a stopover on Guam, navy nurse Lt. Mary R. Harrington (wearing an Army Nurse Corps uniform) chats with a sailor from her hometown in South Dakota; U.S. Navy photograph. 1st Lt. Earlyn M. Black, ANC, repatriated from Santo Tomas Internment Camp, reads her first newspaper in over three years upon her recent arrival in the Hawaiian Islands; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Navy nurses prepare to leave plane after arriving in Hawaii. The nurses are wearing Army Nurse Corps uniforms because no Navy Nurse Corps uniforms were available at any station prior to Honolulu; u.s. Navy photograph. Navy nurses after deplaning at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on their way to the u.s. (Left to right): Chief nurse Lt. Comdr. Laura Cobb, Lts. Margaret Nash, Goldia O'Haver, Bertha Evans, Helen Gorzelanski; U.S. Navy photograph. Lt. Leona Jackson pointing at a map showing Guam, where she was captured by the Japanese three years earlier. She later returned to Guam as senior navy nurse in 1945; U.S. Navy photograph. In March 1949 five former POW nurses attended the Hospital Administration Course at Medical Field Services School, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. (Left to right): Capts. Mary Jean Reppak, Ruth Stoltz, Helen Hennessey, Eunice Young, and Eula Fails; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Col. J.W. Duckworth and 1st Lt. Frances L. Nash are reunited at Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco, February 1945; authors' archives. 1945 homecoming parade and bond drive: Georgia welcomed 1st Lt. Frances L. Nash (standing on float); authors' archives. Lt. Col. Madeline Ullom, ANC (Ret.), 1989, holding a postWorld War II photograph of herself in uniform; authors' archives. Mrs. Velma Campbell Willis, niece of Major Maude Campbell Davison Jackson, standing beside the Major's tombstone prior to Cannington, Ontario's celebration of"Major Maude Day" on 1 July 1992; authors' archives. Three former POWs with authors in 1989. (Left to right): Lt. Col. Madeline Ullom, ANC (Ret.); Evelyn Monahan; Lt. Col. Hattie R. Brantley, ANC (Ret.); Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee; Helen Cassiani Nestor; authors' archives. ...


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