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Appendix A Tribute to Major Maude C. Davison, ANC If ever a group needed a leader with sterling characteristics, it was when the Japanese took us captive on 6 May 1942 at Fort Mills, Corregidor. Captain Maude C. Davison was superbly qualified. She was well educated and had long years of military service. If this were to be our lot, we were very fortunate to be recipients of her wisdom. I was stationed with her at Sternberg General Hospital in Manila where she was ChiefNurse ofthe hospital and Chief Nurse for the Department of the Philippines U.S. Army. Once at Santo Tomas Internment Camp, she was ill. Ann Mealer asked me to special her. She was an ideal patient. Uppermost in her mind was to rapidly recover so she could assume her duties in the nurses' interests and patients' nursing care. She was alert, observant and detailed from the smallest to the largest problems. She analyzed fully, planned comprehensively, organized completely and implemented smoothly. She ever sought available solutions and after considerations, she always selected the best. She made decisions instantly or over a period of time when indicated. A retinue of very high ranking Japanese officers attempted to enter the nurses' quarters. A Japanese attempted to pull the sheet covering the entrance. She was immediately on her feet as she demanded, "Halt! You cannot come in here without permission ." Discussions which involved placement and duties of nurses were very long. She worked well with Japanese Commandants and 180 Appendix A the Executive Committee and others at Santo Tomas Internment Camp. In final analysis, the military nurses were kept as a unit. She was given the title "Superintendent ofNurses" for the 150 bed hospital , 80 bed isolation hospital: Main Building, Hospital and Children's Clinics. On Bataan and Corregidor the military called us "Angels." The name persisted. In 1983 we were presented with plaques which read: "Is commended for distinguished service and unswerving devotion to duty during the period December 1941 to February 1945. You served with honor and endured indescribable hardships and incredible physical, psychological and professional challenges with a courage above and beyond the call of duty. Through these noble deeds you became the role model of Army Nursing in upholding the finest traditions of the Army Nurse Corps, the Army Medical Department and the United States Army. Bernhard T. Mittemsy, Lieutenant General, The Surgeon General." Ifthis were for us, you can imagine the weight of responsibility for the nurses and nursing care in Santo Tomas and the battlefields , carried by Captain Maude C. Davison. Madeline M. Ullom, Lt. Col., USA, NC (Ret.) N123 29 October 1991 AppendixB Pre-World War II Duty Stations oiU.S. Navy Nurses Held as POWs by the Japanese u.S. Naval Hospital at Canacao, Luzon, Philippine Islands:* Chief Nurse Lt.(jg) Cobb, Laura Ens. O'Haver, Goldia Aimee Lt.(jg) Chapman, Mary Francis Ens. Paige, Eldene Elinor Ens. Bertha Rae Evans Ens. Pitcher, Susie Josephine Lt.(jg) Gorzelanski, Helen Clara Ens. Still, Dorothy Ens. Harrington, Mary Rose Ens. Todd, C. Edwina Ens. Nash, Margaret Alice U.S. Naval Hospital on Guam:** Chief Nurse Lt.(jg) Olds, Marian Ens. Christiansen, Lorraine Ens. Fogarty, Virginia Lt.(jg) Jackson, Leona Ens. Yetter, Doris • Biographical sketches, Record Group 52, National Archives, Washington, nc. .. Lt. Comdr. Richard J. Bergren, USN, "Navy Nurse Corps WWII, A Complete Listing ofNavy Nurses Held Prisoner ofWar by the Japanese During World War II," Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C. AppendixC Military Nurses Who Were Not Reassigned following the Japanese Attack on the Philippines* Nurses Assigned to Ft. Mills, Corregidor: Chief Nurse 1st Lt. Mealer, Gladys 2d Lt. Anschicks, Louise M. 2d Lt. Black, Earlyn 2d Lt. Dworsky, Bertha H. 2d Lt. Eckman, Magdalina 2d Lt. Fails, Eula M. 2d Lt. Gardner, Helen L. 2d Lt. Garen, Eleanor M. 2d Lt. Greenwalt, Beulah M. 2d Lt. Madden Winifred P. 2d Lt. Stevens, Mabel V. 2d Lt. Stoltz, Ruth M. 2d Lt. Young, Eunice Nurses Assigned to Camp John Hay, Baguio: 2d Lt. Bradley, Ruby G. 2d Lt. Chambers, Beatrice . List is a compilation of information taken from Josephine Nesbit's "History of the Army Nurse Corps in the Philippine Islands," Washington, D.C., September 1940-February 1945 and information provided by the Department ofVeterans Affairs. AppendixD Evacuation ofu.s. Military Nurses from Manila, December 1941" From Sternberg to Ft. Mills, Corregidor: 2d Lt. Aasen, Mina 2d Lt. Acorn, Catherine M. 2d Lt. Arnold, Phyllis 2d Lt...


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