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Acknowledgments A cknowledgments are due to a large number of individuals and organizations for assistance on this volume, and even more for assistance at earlier stages in the Collected Works project. First of all acknowledgments are due to the Henry Bonham Carter Will Trust for permission to publish original Nightingale manuscripts and, indeed, for treating Nightingale material generally as being in the public domain. To the owners of Nightingale manuscripts thanks are due for their important role in conservation, for permitting scholarly access and for permitting copies to be made for this Collected Works. Archivists and librarians around the world provided skilled assistance . Many people worked on the preparation of the texts, many as volunteers . Thanks are due to transcribers: Gwyneth Watkins, Maria Schneidersmann, Linda Quirke, Leo Uotila, Arun Dhanota and Daniel Phelan; volunteer verifiers of texts: Cherry Ambrose, Linda Elliot, Mary Parfitt, Marcia Macrae and Joan MacKay; to the volunteers who assisted with proofreading: Sandra Hunter, Cherry Ambrose and Barbara Bayne; Dr Nancy Cassels for research assistance on the history of India. At Wilfrid Laurier University Press thanks are due to Dr Brian Henderson , director; Rob Kohlmeier, managing editor; Doreen Armbruster , typesetter; Leslie Macreadie and Penelope Grows, marketing; Steve Izma, production; and Jacqueline Larson, peer review. Thanks are due to the anonymous peer reviewers for helpful comments. The copy editing was done by Kristen Pederson Chew. Acknowledgments for photographs and other illustrations are given where they appear. In spite of the assistance of so many people errors undoubtedly remain, which are the responsibility of the editors. We would be grateful for notification of any errors, and for information on missing identifications . Corrections will be made in the electronic text and any later print publication. Gérard Vallée and Lynn McDonald April 2007 / vii This page intentionally left blank ...


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