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"Bus"sequence from Rameau's Nephew .. . Photo: National Gallery of Canada 126 127 "Fart" sequence from Rameau's Nephew . . . Left to right: Jeff Bronstein, Sheila Hayworth, Bill Auchterlonie, Jackie Burroughs, Gordon May Fart, aka Tea Party (Sequence 12) For this sequence, I asked the cast to learn their lines backwards. With the aid of a Nagra tape recorder, which, because it records the full width of the magnetic tape, can be played backwards, I wrote their lines and we rehearsed them. The actors spoke their lines on camera backwards and this was recorded in sync. The scene was shot mostly as a slow zoom, which at its widest field shows the room and occupants as in the accompanying still from the film. In post-production/editing, the scene described above was shown, then immediately afterwards the entire scene shown backwards (zooming back), including the sound. The result is not "correct" but very "incorrect," and very mysterious. It is plain, though, that there was a bad smell. In the reproduced script, the typewritten lines are those spoken, and the handwritten works above them are their source (somewhat apparent when the sound is reversed). These hand-written works must be read right to left to make a proper sentence , e.g., the first line is: "Donald, can you say SDRAWKAB backwards?" M.S. 129 130 131 "Embassy" sequencefrom Rameau's Nephew . . . Left to right: Yoko Orimoto (Alexis), Annette Michelson (Gloria), Ping Chong (sound man), Bob Cowan (Peter), Steve Anker (lighting), Helene Cowan (Vivian), and Nam June Paik (Tom). Photo: Owen Carey. Embassy (Sequence 15) The working title for this sequence was "Performed Sound," by which I meant that all sound would be produced on the set, on camera "realistically," that the sound would be recorded in sync and that there would be no post-shooting additions or alterations. The sound and lighting men are visible and important parts of the image, approaching and illuminating (with slight overexposure) the face of each person as he or she spoke. The entire cast is shown in the photo here. Babette Mangolte operated the camera , and the setting is on the second floor of the Center for Inter-American Relations on Park Avenue in New York, previously the U.S.S.R. embassy. M.S. 133 134 135 136 137 ...


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