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Appendix 3 Soldiers Mentioned in Letters and Commentary What I want to say is that this region [Georgian Bay] is in a way responsible for my decision [to enlist]. I can’t explain it; but it’s all so beautiful. And this morning it came in on me somehow that there is one thing that matches it in beauty. Do you know what it is? “Killed in Action.” (Fred Grandy explaining to Marlow Shaw his reason for enlisting, in Shaw, The Happy Islands, 173. Grandy was killed in action on 28 August 1918.) Sat 3 June 1916. My Sergeant killed beside me and I had my watch smashed smithereens by piece of shrapnel. A perfectly good Blighty spoiled. Went out on a wiring party later on. Sun 4 June 1916. Very quiet all day till 7 P.M. when they put over quite a few big fellows.… Heard we had big losses. Went wiring again tonight. Received several letters which were good to get. Fri 4 May 1917. Spent the day in collecting all sorts of equipment etc off our part of the field and also reclaiming dugouts etc. Brouhl was shipped off to hospital today. (From the diary of Arthur Ardagh, killed in action 10 May 1917. Courtesy Eleanor Bingham, Lorne Williams and the Regimental Museum, Grey and Simcoe Foresters, Barrie, Ontario.) Anderson, Capt. F.W., chaplain of the 157th Battalion and the 20th Battalion , and president of the Orillia Club, an association of Orillia soldiers in England. Leslie Frost was critical of the army for appointing a chaplain , i.e., Anderson, as messing officer, which resulted in food distribution chaos (letter, 18 February 1917). Anglin, ———. 343 ‘‘ ’’ ‘‘ ’’ ‘‘ ’’ ‘‘ ’’ Ardagh, Capt. Arthur H. “Doc,” son of Dr. Arthur E. and Elizabeth (Thomson ) Ardagh, Orillia, Ontario, born 21 December 1893. Captain of the Cadet Corps in Orillia, member of 20th Battalion, killed in action in France 10 May 1917; buried at Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension, 3.5kms west of Lens, France. For further information, see Library and Archives Canada (LAC), RG 150, Box 214-18. (His photo is on CVWM website.) Asselin, Maj. Olivar, former editor of le Nationaliste, founded in 1904 to promote Henri Bourassa’s ideas of “Canadian autonomy within the empire, provincial autonomy within Confederation, and the rational development of Canadian resources” (Susan Mann Trofimenkoff, The Dream of Nation ,17). In 1903, with Armand Lavergne and two others, he founded the Ligue nationaliste, which formulated a French-Canadian Catholic response to problems of identity during a period of rapid urbanization and industrialization. Asselin was a military enthusiast and a veteran of the Spanish-American wars at the end of the nineteenth century. (LAC, RG 150, Box 279-33.) Bailey, Fred, from Orillia, killed in late 1916. Baines, ———, studied at Wycliffe College, Toronto, trained at the Canadian Military School, Crowborough (letter, 1 February 1917). Perhaps J.A. Baines, 19th Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment), killed 12 April 1917, buried at Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension. Barnecott, M.C., mentioned in letter, 14 May 1917. Probably an error on Leslie Frost’s part; likely W.A. (William Allen) Barnecott of Poughkeepsie St., Orillia, born 15 May 1888. Husband of Alice Barnecott. Member of 1st Battalion, wounded in 1917. (LAC,RG 150, Box 443-27.) William is the only Barnecott listed on the website of soldiers of WWI at LAC. Basevi, James, resident of Calgary, born 21 September 1890, Plymouth, England . Cecil Frost’s batman. (LAC, RG 150, Box 491-58.) Beatty, Sir David, in charge of Great Britain’s battle cruiser fleet. Belding, Lt. William Raymond (Ray), born 7 December 1893 in Toronto; next of kin Mrs. Jessie Jaquith, Orillia. (LAC, RG 150, Box 603-11.) Bernhardt, James (Jimmie), batman of Cecil Frost, killed 1917, the first member of the old 157th Battalion to lose his life (letters, 8 April and 28 May 1917). Bertram, Maj. Leonard H., Dundas, Ontario. Joined 1st Battalion 22 September 1914; member of 20th Battalion; wounded 23 April 1915; member of 23rd Battalion, 5th Brigade M.G. Company. Granted leave to Canada 9 April 1918. Awarded MC. (LAC, RG 150, Box 693-25.) 344 APPENDIX 3 Black, Grant Norman, born 10 June 1897 in Orillia; son of A. Black, 114 Albert St., Orillia. Member of 157th Battalion, then 116th Battalion. (LAC, RG 150, Box 773-9.) Blunden,———, Roman Catholic friend and roommate of Cecil Frost. There are two Roman Catholic Blundens listed on the LAC site: (1) Denis Alfred , born 19 October 1888 in Hoddesdon, Herts...


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