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6Leslie Frost Wounded This page intentionally left blank 25th Bn Canadians B.E.F. Monday Apr. 1st 1918 Dear Mr & Mrs Frost:— In the wee small hours of Good Friday morning during a halt in a march I turned aside to look up Leslie and found him in excellent form. This morning I paid a flying visit to my old Hospital (No 3 Canadian Stat[ionar]y [Hospital])1 and was told there were two 20th Bn. officers in wounded. I at once went into the ward and much to my surprise found Leslie stretched out wounded—but quite happily enjoying a bowl of soup. He was sniped through the fleshy portion of both legs—quite high up. Fortunately no bones were touched. A good clean bullet wound which will heal splendidly. Leslie was feeling fine (18 hours after being wounded) and it was a very great pleasure for me to be able to see him and to give you definite word regarding him. I am going to see Cecil if possible tomorrow and at any rate will get word to him about Leslie. It will be a relief to you to know that Leslie will be safely out of it for the best part of the summer. He was going on to the Base today. Am feeling fine myself and hoping to be able to spend the whole summer up here with the boys. Haven’t seen any of the other Orillia boys for some time. As most of them are in another division.2 Kind regards to all. Yours Sincerely E.E. Pugsley, Cap’t Chaplain, 5th C.I.B. GREAT NORTH WESTERN TELEGRAM Ottawa Ont 4 Apr 1918 Wm S Frost Orillia Ont. Sincerely regret inform you Lieut Leslie Miscampbell Frost Infantry officially reported wounded march thirty first nineteen eighteen. Director of Records 281 GREAT NORTH WESTERN TELEGRAM London Apr 5 1918 William Frost Orillia Ont. Wounded not seriously prince wales hospital London Frost. London Sunday 7 April 1918 Dear Dad & Mater Long before this you will have received my Cable and also letters from Chaplains , the Red Cross etc. and you will know I have been wounded. I was hit a week ago today—Easter Sunday March 31st about 730 p.m. The bullet went through both thighs but did nothing serious—no bones broken. 282 LESLIE FROST WOUNDED Wounded men in a rail carriage drawn by a horse, with men following on foot, 1916. A typical method of transportation for the wounded, this was perhaps how Leslie Frost was carried to the field station at Wailly on 31 March 1918. (Courtesy of LAC/BAC, PA-206612.) Arrived in England Apr. 4th and am at The Prince of Wales Hospital for Officers Marlybone Road London N.W. Am getting along fine and hope to be better soon. Address my letters to Royal Bank of Canada 2 Bank Buildings Princes St London E.C.R and they can forward it on wherever I am. Hope Mater is better and you are both well. Much love Leslie I am sending you the “Times” which has my name in the casualty list. I thought you would like to see it. Prince of Wales Hospital 14 April 1918 Dear Dad & Mater,— Another week has passed and I am on the road to be quite better. I am feeling fine and have a good appetite etc. The wounds are healing and in a week or ten days I should be able to get up. The stiffness has left my wounds and the only thing that bothers me at all is a nerve in my left foot but time will fix that alright. The wound in the left leg is practically healed and it has never hurt in the least but it affected in some way the muscle on the very bottom of my foot and for a time the back of my leg but that has gone. I am sending you the “Times” which has my name in the casualty list. I thought you would like to see it. Heber Greene has been in to see me several times. He is the Canadian chaplain for Canadians in London Hospitals. I was notified this week that I have been reposted to a unit in England so I will have my mail sent there and they can send it on to me. That is part of their job. I now belong to 1st Central Ontario Regimental Depot. And the address is LESLIE...


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