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1Training in Canada This page intentionally left blank Niagara-on-the-lake 11 August 1915 Dear Aunt,1 I received your card today and was glad to get it. I was writing to Dad and Mater so I though I would write to you too. Cec and Gren arrived home on Wed. 4th just in time to go to the station with me. I wore my uniform etc. Dad & Cec went to Midland on the 5th and Mater stayed til the following Monday. At least that’s what I gathered from their letter. There are about 8000 Men in the Camp. The 75th & 76th, 37th, 35th & 58th Battalion also the Artillery. The 81st is going to camp near Ft. Mississauga at the mouth of the river.2 We roll out here at 5:30 and have coffee & rolls and parade at 6:15 when we have physical drill at 9:00 & have drill till 12:00 then a lecture til one and luncheon at 1:15 then from 2 till 2:45 we have company drill then we are free. We certainly get great meals. For tea (dinner they call it here) we had soup and fish, stuffed lamb, thimble berries, ice cream, fruit cake, oranges, bananas, apples and coffee. That’s not starvation rations. We have iron beds with springs and mattresses. Now do your best to get Mater, Dad & yourself down here for a trip. It would be very interesting. Well I have a lot to say but the last post (10 P.M.) is blowing and we have to get up early so write soon and I will answer. I might say my uniform was great and we got them very cheap. When you see some others down here that cost more, there is no comparison. We also have the very latest cut. Well goodbye and Good night Yours lovingly Leslie Write Soon. 35th Regt. S.F. Provisional School of Infantry Niagara-on-the-Lake Ont. Toronto, 2 November 1915 Dear Cec, It takes me a long time to decide to write a letter but here goes. I have just received a letter from Col. Grant which looks good to me. I am going on his recommendation to the class on Nov. 18th and will receive my captaincy 67 afterward. That will be about Dec 10th. Don’t say anything about this or what is to follow to anyone outside the family. He said he has been more successful than he had anticipated. He has been recommended by Brig-Gen Logie for command of the battalion and Logie’s word is law in the 2nd Division . About my overseas appointment (I have never said anything to him yet about being attached as a Captain) this is an extract from his letter. “My idea is to put you on the staff of the battalion and wish you to qualify for the captain’s rank not saying now that you will receive that rank.” Now this looks pretty good, with what pull I can exert and if Dad will use his best diplomacy, I ought to get a good job. He said that the battalion would drill in small detachments throughout the county til spring and will then be mobilized . He said he would not need a very large staff of officers till then and I don’t know whether he intends to attach me with his personal staff til then or not. It would appear by his letter that that is what he meant, but I will have to wait and see. What was all that “ruction” about Larry Gilmore. Fox was telling me something of it this morning. I sent those books to Ira Clarke and also wrote to him. How is old Pick3 and the school getting on? How the deuce did you ever get the sailboat in? When you come down here, be sure and come to one of these residences not to a private house. Knox cannot go to the next class as the number from his Regt. is limited. He will have to go in January. In the meantime he is back at Varsity. I don’t know how he got in. Brebner told him there was no chance. Well I guess I’ll dry up. Yours Putt Write soon It looks as if all officers will be taken from Simcoe County so I don’t know whether Knox & Bogres will have a chance with the battalion. By special permission 15 officers are going from...


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