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xi Illustrations MAP 1: Western Europe in 1914 viii Leslie and Cecil Frost,1913 xxv Letterhead of the Glasgow Bakery, 1869 2 MAP 2: The Frosts’ Orillia 3 The Frost house at Mississaga and Wyandotte Streets, Orillia,1884 4 The Highlands, Orillia 5 Interior of Diamond Hall, the Frost jewellery shop, Orillia 6 At Geneva Park, Lake Couchiching,1913 7 Advertisement for a Stephen Leacock reading, March 1915 9 Army band on parade, Niagara-on-the-Lake 10 At Camp Niagara, August 1915 11 Farewell ceremonies in Orillia, June 1916 12 At Camp Borden, near Barrie, Ontario, July 1916 12 Notice of farewell dinner for “C” Company, October 1916 14 Presentation of colours at Camp Borden, October 1916 14 Mobile field post office, France,1918 16 Cecil Frost near Bramshott, England, 1916 17 Leslie Frost in England 18 William S. Frost in 1917, age 53 20 Margaret Frost in the library of the Highlands 20 Germans attempting a counterattack on Hill 70, August 1917 22 Canadian soldiers carrying water at Hill 70, August 1917 23 Wounded Canadian, France,1916 29 Three members of the Dumbells 30 King Edward VIII with Canadian veterans at Vimy Monument unveiling 32 Premier L. Frost, Premier J. Lesage, and Dr. T.H.B. Symons, 1965 40 Halifax Harbour, October 1916 84 1st Simcoes on the Cameronia, October 1916 85 MAP 3: Southeast England 88 Canadian artillery training in England at Witley Camp 90 Christmas dinner, Bramshott Camp, 1916 108 Etching of Cecil Frost by Bill (W.H.) Woods 110 Leslie Frost’s map of the training camps in Kent 133 “Mumsie’s Dream” 135 Members of “C” Company in French farmhouse billet in Ferfay 137 Lt. Cecil Frost on horseback in England 140 Cecil’s diagram for an identity bracelet 181 MAPS 4 and 5: Details of France and Belgium 196 The 22nd Battalion—the famous Vingt Deux 217 The old Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium 222 At Potijze, Belgium 223 Passchendaele, November 1917 234 Canadian election propaganda in France, December 1917 237 Canadian nursing sisters in France cast their vote, December 1917 239 Transporting the wounded, 1916 282 Leslie Frost’s field message book with bullet hole 285 Trench art aeroplane made from bullets and shell casings 301 Wounded Canadian near Iwuy, October 1918 313 Canadian soldiers in Mons, Belgium, on 11 November 1918 322 Sir Arthur Currie inspecting Canadian soldiers crossing the Rhine 325 Final march through London, May 1919 332 The Frost family at Lochbrae, 1924 333 MAP SPECIFICATIONS Sources Base Map 1: ESRI digital files Base Map 2: Air photos from National Air Photo Library Section 31D/11: A3082 #36 1930 1:13000 Section 31D/11: RA 2 #67 1927 1:10000 Section 31D/11: A9190 #18 1932 1:10000 Base Map 3: Illustrated Atlas of the World (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1982) Big Road Atlas Britain (Hampshire: Automobile Association, 1992) Base Map 4: Illustrated Atlas of the World (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1982) Base Map 5: Michelin #236 France Nord Flandres-Artois-Picardie 1:200,000 (Paris: Michelin éditions du voyage, 2000) xii ILLUSTRATIONS Other: John Keegan, The First World War (Toronto: Key Porter Books,1998), and Anthony Livesay, Atlas de la Première guerre mondiale (Paris: Éditions autrement, 1996) Projections Map 1: Cylindrical equal-area CM 3 Lat 50 Map 2: Not applicable. Maps 3 and 4: Delisle Conic Equidistant Map 5: Unknown Disclaimer These maps are representations and not intended as precise models. Please refer to sources for more information. Design Chantal Ellingwood, Lindsay, Ontario, using Adobe Illustrator CS. ILLUSTRATIONS xiii This page intentionally left blank ...


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