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 Acknowledgments This book has had a rather long gestation period. I first published on the topic of Luke and physiognomy in an article on Zacchaeus for New Testament Studies in 2001, but I had worked on the topic since 1999.Before that,a passing comment about the curiosity of Zacchaeus’s stature made in a seminary paper I graded as a graduate assistant in the early 1980s prompted a vague intuition that there was something “going on”in Luke’s description of Zacchaeus as “short in stature”beyond what the commentary tradition told me (or didn’t tell me). In the past several years I have had opportunity to work out some of these ideas in lectures and chapel addresses at Campbell University, Furman University, and Wingate University and in conference papers at regional and national meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature. I am grateful to all who have offered comment on this project,including especially my New Testament colleagues in the Department of Religion at Baylor University: Andy Arterbury,Sharyn Dowd,Naymond Keathley,and CharlesTalbert. Some of those talks made it into print,and I gratefully acknowledge the editors and publishers of the following publications for permission to reuse some of those materials:“‘Short in Stature’: Luke’s Physical Description of Zacchaeus,”NewTestament Studies 47 (2001): 50–57; and “The Lame Man in Acts 3–4,” Journal of Biblical Literature 124 (2005): 295–312. I wrote most of chapters 1 and 2 and revised the remaining chapters during a sabbatical semester in Cambridge, England. My family and I were residents at Tyndale House, and my wife and I were Visiting Fellows at St.Edmund’s College,Cambridge University.I am most grateful for the reception and hospitality shown to us by the staff of the Tyndale Parsons_LukeActs_JDE_djm.indd 9 9/15/06 1:27:18 PM 10 Acknowledgments House,its readers and residents,and especially Dr.Bruce Winter,Warden. Thanks also to the Baylor University Sabbatical and Research Committees for providing the time and resources to complete this project.I also wish to thank several former and current research assistants who helped with various aspects of this book: Marty Culy (now of Briercrest Seminary), Jason Whitlark, Chad Hartsock, Josh Stigall, and Jim McConnell. My editor at Baker Academic,Dr.James D.Ernest,is an accomplished scholar of New Testament and patristics in his own right. He has been a pleasure to work with on this and other projects, and I am honored to call him not only my editor but also, and more importantly, my friend. Last but by no means least,I must thank my wife,Heidi,for all the ways she has enriched my life, both personally and professionally. Mikeal C. Parsons Baylor University Advent 2005 Parsons_LukeActs_JDE_djm.indd 10 9/15/06 1:27:18 PM ...


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