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acknowledgments This book has evolved over a period of almost fifteen years, and the list of people I should thank for helping me along this journey is too long to include in this brief note. However, this project would never have come to fruition without the dedicated support of the following individuals. I wish to begin by thanking my academic mentors, Gunther Rothenberg, Blair Kling, John Lynn, and Stephen Cohen. Their unstinting faith in me and their constant encouragement at various points in my graduate education have resulted in my being in a position to complete this book. Stephen Cohen and John Lynn were also instrumental in providing helpful suggestions at various stages of this project.To this list I must add the name of DeWitt Ellinwood , my ‘‘unofficial’’ mentor, whose suggestions and generous sharing of research materials have helped me refine parts of this manuscript. I would also like to thank all the librarians and archival staff on three different continents who provided me with assistance and help in researching this book. I would like to thank my colleagues, both current and former, in the Department of History at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. They have provided me with constant encouragement and support. Our departmental scholarship seminars proved invaluable in perfecting various chapters of the book. Finally, I would like to thank my family for their steadfast support. I am grateful to my wife, Dr. Mary Beth Ailes, and my sons, Christopherand Brian, for their understanding and help in allowing me to spend far too many hours working on this manuscript. My wife deserves a special thanks for her patience in reviewing and helping edit different incarnations of this manuscript . I also thank my parents, Ramola and Pannalal, and my brother, Sandip , for their lifelong support of me. ix ...


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