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ABBREVIATIONS ANC African National Congress (South Africa) ÁVH State Security Authority (Hungarian secret police prior 1956) AWS Election Action Solidarity (Poland) CBOS Public Opinion Research Center (Poland) CPA Coalition Provisional Authority (Iraq) ČSSD Czech Social Democratic Party ČSSR Czechoslovak Socialist Republic ČTK Czech Press Agency CVVM Center for the Public Opinion Research (Czech Republic) Fidesz Alliance of Young Democrats (Hungary) FKgP Smallholder Party (Hungary) HZDS Movement for Democratic Slovakia IFP Inkatha Freedom Party (South Africa) IPN Institute of National Memory (Poland) KDNP Christian Democratic Party (Hungary) KDS Christian Democratic Party (Czech Republic) KDU-ČSL Christian Democratic Union–Czech People’s Party KLD Liberal Democratic Congress (Poland) KPN Confederation of Independent Poland KSČ Communist Party of Czechoslovakia KSČM Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) LPR League of Polish Families MDF Hungarian Democratic Forum MIÉP Hungarian Justice and Life Party MSzMP Hungarian Socialist Workers Party MSzP Hungarian Socialist Party NKVD People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (Soviet Union) NP National Party (South Africa) PAGE xiii ................. 18039$ ABBR 06-09-11 09:17:16 PS xiv Abbreviations OBOP Center for Research of Public Opinion (Poland) ODA Civic Democratic Alliance (Czech Republic) ODS Civic Democratic Party (Czech Republic) OF Civic Forum (Czech Republic) OH Civic Movement (Czech Republic) PAP Polish Press Agency PC Center Agreement (Poland) PiS Law and Justice Party (Poland) PO Citizens’ Platform (Poland) PSL Polish Peasant Party PZPR Polish United Workers’ Party SB Security Service (Poland’s secret police) SdRP Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland SIS Slovak Information Service (Slovak counterintelligence agency) SLD Democratic Left Alliance (Poland) SRP Self-Defense (Poland) SSM Socialist Association of the Youth (Czechoslovakia) StB State Security (Czechoslovak secret police) SzDSz Alliance of Free Democrats (Hungary) TRC Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa) UB Security Office (Poland’s secret police) UD Democratic Union (Poland) UP Labor Union (Poland) UW Freedom Union (Poland) VPN Public Against Violence (Slovakia) ZChN Christian-National Union (Poland) PAGE xiv ................. 18039$ ABBR 06-09-11 09:17:16 PS ...


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