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vii Acknowledgments Several grants from organizations and institutions provided fundingwithwhichIconductedtheresearchforthisproject.Theyinclude: The PSC-CUNY Grant from the City University of New York; The American Philosophical Society Mellon Resident Research Fellowship; The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Dissertation Grant in Women’s Studies; The Roscoe Pile Dissertation Fellowship and The Douglas A. Bean Research Fellowship, Department of History, University of Colorado-Boulder; and The Annie H. S. Timmons Award/ Dean’s Small Grant, Graduate School, University of Colorado-Boulder. I wish to thank these organizations for their support. I wish also to thank the staffs at the archives where I conducted this research for their helpfulness. These archives include: The American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The Denver Museum of Science and Nature, The Denver Art Museum, and Special Collections of the Library at the University of Denver, and the Western History Archives of the Denver Public Library in Denver, Colorado; The Special Collections of Vassar Library in Poughkeepsie, New York; The Columbia University Special Collections Library in New York City, New York; The Library of the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Arizona; The Special Collections of the Arizona State University Library and the Labriola Center in Tempe, Arizona; The Arizona State Archives and the UniversityofArizonaSpecialCollectionsinTucson,Arizona;TheBancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley, in Berkeley, California; viii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress, in Washington, DC; and the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. Any archive, no matter how priceless its contents, is all but useless without a well-trained staff of librarians and archivists to assist scholars with their research. I wish also to acknowledge the support of my family and friends, especially that of my parents, James S. and Evelyn W. Lavender, and my wonderful husband, Warrick J. Bell. Alyson Bardsley, Jeff Ewing, Fred Binder, Luther Carpenter, Marilyn Nelkin, Kate Crehan, Manuela Dobos, Ellen Goldner, Calvin Holder, Eric Ivison, Michael Foley, Richard Lufrano, Jane Marcus-Delgado, and Deborah and Frank Popper have been the best of friends and colleagues in New York City. My friends out west, especially Kenneth Orona, Luana Vigil, Rebecca Bales, Annie Kennedy, Sandra Mathews, and Clark Whitehorn have helped me stay connected to home. Thanks to all of them for their questions, challenges to my assumptions, gentle nudging, and good cheer. This project has had many midwives. A number of scholars have read, commented on, and otherwise facilitated the completion of this project. At the University of New Mexico Press, the book has been ably edited by Maya Allen-Gallegos and Floyce M. Alexander, whom I thank for their care. My thanks to Lee Chambers, Patricia Nelson Limerick, Mark Pittenger, Philip Deloria, and Dennis McGilvray, who graciously served on the dissertation committee at the University of Colorado at Boulder from which this book has grown. Others whom I would like to thank for their mentoring at the University of Colorado at Boulder are Robert Pois, Marjorie McIntosh, GeorgePhillips,RobertFerry,H.LeeScamehorn,PhillipMitterling,William Wei, Maria Montoya, and James Folsom. In the years since leaving Boulder, I have been blessed with encouragement and input from Susan Armitage, Elizabeth Jameson, Sandra Schackel, Sarah Deutsch, Peggy Pascoe, Darlis Miller, Nancy Parezo, Shirley A. Leckie, Sherry Smith, A. Yvette Huginnie, Lillian Schlissel, George Custen, Ross Frank, Albert Hurtado, Peter Iverson, Martin Ridge, Gustav Seligman, Lee Chambers, and Richard Gid Powers. Thank you all for pointing me toward completion. Finally, this book is dedicated in appreciation and with great affection to the memory of Professor Robert A. Pois, who first encouraged me to become a historian and whose research, teaching, and compassion continue to inspire me. ...

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