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Contents ~cl~ ~ Acknowledgments ix Thomas of Monmouth: Detector of Ritual Murder 3 Gavin I. Langmuir Little St. Hugh of Lincoln: Researches in History, Archaeology, and Legend 41 Joseph Jacobs Little Sir Hugh: An Analysis 72 Brian Bebbington The Prioress's Tale 91 Geoffrey Chaucer The Ritual Murder Accusation in Britain 99 Colin Holmes The Hilsner Affair 135 Frantisek Cervinka The Present State of the Ritual Crime in Spain 162 Sanford Shepard Damascus to Kiev: Civilta Cattolica on Ritual Murder 180 Charlotte Klein Ritual Murder Accusations in Nineteenth-Century Egypt 197 Jacob M. Landau Twentieth-Century Blood Libels in the United States 233 Abraham G. Duker The Feast of Purim and the Origins of the Blood Accusation 261 Cecil Roth v Contents The Blood Libel: A Motif in the History of Childhood 273 Magdalene Schultz The Ritual Murder Accusation: The Persistence of Doubt and the Repetition Compulsion 304 Ernest A. Rappaport The Ritual Murder or Blood Libel Legend: A Study of Anti-Semitic Victimization through Projective Inversion 336 Alan Dundes A Selected Bibliography: Suggestions for Further Reading on the Blood Libel Legend 379 Index 383 vi ...


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