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Francis X. Blouin Jr. is Professor of History and Professor , School of Information Sciences, University of Michigan ; Director, Bentley Historical Library; and member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Library and Information Resources and the Committee on Program Management of the International Council of Archives. Among his recent publications are Vatican Archives: An Inventory and Guide (with E. Yakel and others) (New York, 1998), named by Choice a best academic book for 1999; and “Archivists, Mediation, and Constructs of Social Memory,” Archival Issues (1999). William G. Rosenberg is Alfred G. Meyer Collegiate Professor of Russian and Soviet History, University of Michigan ; former President, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (2002); Vice President for Research, American Historical Society (1994–96); and Co-Chair of the AAASS-AHA Commission on Archives. Among his publications are “Historians, Archivists, and the Question of Social Memory,” Istoricheskie Zapiski (2000) (in Russian); and “Politics in the (Russian) Archives : The Objectivity Question and the Limits of Law,” American Archivist (2001) winner of the Posner award. Robert M. Adler is Partner in the Washington, DC, law arm of O’Connor & Hannan. He served as Robert L. White’s counsel from 1997, the time of the controversial auction of Kennedy memorabilia by Mr. White, until Mr. White’s death in 2003. He has also represented the Estate of Mr. White in issues relating to the JFK memorabilia collection. Boris V. Ananich is Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Professor of History at St. Petersburg State University ; and distinguished Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Russian History (RAN), St. Petersburg. He is the author of many books on late imperial Russia, most recently Sergei Witte and His Times (with Rafael Ganelin) (St. Petersburg, 2001) (in Russian). Beatrice S. Bartlett is Professor of Chinese History, Yale University. She is the author of Archival Sources of Ch’ing History: Communications Systems, Archives, and ArchiveBased Publication (Berkeley, CA, forthcoming); Qing Historiography : Monarchs and Ministers: The Grand Council in Mid-Ch’ing China (Berkeley, CA, 1991); and Reading Documents: The Rebellion of Chung Jen-chieh, rev. ed. (with Philip Kuhn and John King Fairbank) (Cambridge, MA, 1993). Nancy Ruth Bartlett is Head Archivist, University Archives and Records Program, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan; editor of Comma, International Journal on Archives; and member of the editorial boards of American Archivist and Archival Issues. She is the author of a number of articles on archival processes and practices, including “Diplomatics and Modern Records” and “Diplomatics for Photographic Images: Academic Exoticism?”, both for the American Archivist. Inge Bundsgaard is Chair, Danish State Archives’ Commission on Development of Archival Databases Systems; member of the editorial board of the Danish archival journal Arkiv; and Director, Provincial Archives of Sjaellan (Denmark) and the Danish State Archives’ Center of Conservation. She is the author of various articles and books on Danish social, cultural, and administrative history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Jeffrey Burds is Associate Professor of Russian and Soviet History, Northeastern University. He is coeditor/ author of recently published guidebooks to the State Archive of the Russian Federation (Moscow) and the Russian State Archive of the Economy and a volume of archival documents and commentary, Voice of the People: Peasants, Workers and the Soviet State, 1918–1932 (New Haven, forthcoming ). Professor Burds was instrumental in opening Russian and Ukrainian archives after 1991 by developing and publishing these up-to-date guides and compendia. He is also 497 ⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮⟮ Contributors the author of Peasant Dreams and Market Politics: Labor Migration and the Russian Village, 1861–1905 (Pittsburgh , 1998). Mónica Burguera is Graduate Student in Modern European History at the University of Michigan; and was a predoctoral Fellow at the Sawyer Seminar on Archives, Documentation, and the Institutions of Social Memory. Her contribution to this volume comes from her dissertation in progress, “Spaces of the Nation: Cultural Difference and Citizenship in Spanish Urban Political Imaginations (1856–1885).” Terry Cook is Visiting Professor in the postgraduate archival studies program at the University of Manitoba. He has also taught at the School of Information, University of Michigan. Before 1998, he was a senior manager at the National Archives of Canada, where he directed the appraisal and records disposal program for government records. He has been published on every continent on a wide range of archival subjects; has conducted numerous institutes, workshops, and seminars on appraisal, electronic records, and archival ethics across Canada and internationally , especially in Australia and South Africa; and has served as General Editor of...


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