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Contents Preface vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction Karen Brown and Daniel Gilfoyle 1 Chapter 1. Epizootic Diseases in the Netherlands, 1713–2002 Veterinary Science, Agricultural Policy, and Public Response Peter A. Koolmees 19 Chapter 2. The Now-Opprobrious Title of “Horse Doctor” Veterinarians and Professional Identity in Late NineteenthCentury America Ann N. Greene 42 Chapter 3. Breeding Cows, Maximizing Milk British Veterinarians and the Livestock Economy, 1930–50 Abigail Woods 59 Chapter 4. Policing Epizootics Legislation and Administration during Outbreaks of Cattle Plague in Eighteenth-Century Northern Germany as Continuous Crisis Management Dominik Hünniger 76 Chapter 5. For Better or Worse? The Impact of the Veterinarian Service on the Development of the Agricultural Society in Java (Indonesia) in the Nineteenth Century Martine Barwegen 92 Chapter 6. Fighting Rinderpest in the Philippines, 1886–1941 Daniel F. Doeppers 108 vi | Contents Chapter 7. Diseases of Equids in Southeast Asia, c. 1800–c. 1945 Apocalypse or Progress? William G. Clarence-Smith 129 Chapter 8. “They Give Me Fever” East Coast Fever and Other Environmental Impacts of the Maasai Moves Lotte Hughes 146 Chapter 9. Animal Disease and Veterinary Administration in Trinidad and Tobago, 1879–1962 Rita Pemberton 163 Chapter 10. Nineteenth-Century Australian Pastoralists and the Origins of State Veterinary Services John Fisher 180 Chapter 11. Holding Water in Bamboo Buckets Agricultural Science, Livestock Breeding, and Veterinary Medicine in Colonial Manchuria Robert John Perrins 195 Chapter 12. Sheep Breeding in Colonial Canterbury (New Zealand) A Practical Response to the Challenges of Disease and Economic Change, 1850–1914 Robert Peden 215 Chapter 13. Animal Science and the Representation of Local Breeds Looking into the Sources of Current Characterization of Bororo Zebu Saverio Krätli 232 Chapter 14. Kenya’s Cattle Trade and the Economics of Empire, 1918–48 David Anderson 250 Conclusion Karen Brown 269 Appendix Livestock Diseases 275 Select Bibliography 281 Contributors 287 Index 293 ...


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