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No Time to Marry (Columbia Pictures, January 10, 1938, b&w, 63–64 minutes) Romantic comedy Executive producer: William Perlberg Assistant producer: Nat Perrin Director: Harry Lachman Screenplay: Paul Jarrico Based on a story by Paul Gallico Featuring Richard Arlen, Mary Astor, Lionel Stander The Little Adventuress (Columbia Pictures, October 24, 1938, b&w, 60–62 minutes) Romantic comedy Executive producer: Irving Briskin Producer: Ralph Cohn Director: D. Ross Lederman Screenplay: Michael L. Simmons Story: Michael L. Simmons and Paul Jarrico Original screen story: Mary McCarthy Featuring Edith Fellows, Richard Fiske, Jacqueline Wells, Cliff Edwards Beauty for the Asking (RKO Radio Pictures, February 10, 1939, b&w, 68 minutes) Romantic comedy Producer: B. P. Fineman Director: Glenn Tryon FILMOGRAPHY Screenplay: Doris Anderson and Paul Jarrico Story: Edmund L. Hartmann Original idea: Grace Norton and Adele Buffington Featuring Lucille Ball, Patric Knowles, Donald Woods The Face behind the Mask (Columbia Pictures, January 16, 1941, b&w, 66 or 69 minutes) Drama Executive producer: Irving Briskin Director: Robert Florey Screenplay: Allen Vincent and Paul Jarrico Story: Arthur Levinson Based on a radio play by Thomas Edward O’Connell Featuring Peter Lorre, Evelyn Keyes, Don Beddoe Men of the Timberland (Universal Pictures, June 6, 1941, b&w, 61 minutes) Modern western Associate producer: Ben Pivar Director: John Rawlins Screenplay: Maurice Tombragel and Griffin Jay Original story: Paul Jarrico Featuring Richard Arlen, Andy Devine Tom, Dick and Harry (RKO Radio Pictures, June 13, 1941, b&w, 85–86 minutes) Romantic comedy Producer: Robert Sisk Director: Garson Kanin Story and screenplay: Paul Jarrico Featuring Ginger Rogers, George Murphy, Alan Marshal, Burgess Meredith Thousands Cheer (MGM, September 13, 1943, Technicolor, 125–26 minutes) Musical comedy Producer: Joseph Pasternak Director: George Sidney Screenplay: Paul Jarrico and Richard Collins Based on their story “Private Miss Jones” Featuring Kathryn Grayson, Gene Kelly 244 FILMOGRAPHY Song of Russia (MGM, February 10, 1944, b&w, 106–7 minutes) War Producer: Joseph Pasternak Director: Gregory Ratoff Screenplay: Paul Jarrico and Richard Collins Original story: Leo Mittler, Victor Trivas, and Guy Endore Featuring Robert Taylor, Susan Peters, John Hodiak Little Giant (Universal Pictures, February 22, 1946, b&w, 91–92 minutes) Comedy Producer: Joe Gershenson Director: William A. Seiter Screenplay: Walter De Leon Original story: Paul Jarrico and Richard Collins Featuring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello The Search (MGM, March 23, 1948, b&w, 105 minutes) War refugees Producers: Lazar Wechsler and Oscar Duby Director: Fred Zinnemann Screenplay: Richard Schweizer Collaborator on screenplay: David Wechsler Additional dialogue: Paul Jarrico Featuring Montgomery Clift, Aline MacMahon, Wendell Corey Not Wanted (Emerald Productions, July 23, 1949, b&w, 91 minutes) Social drama Producers: Ida Lupino and Anson Bond Director: Elmer Clifton Screenplay: Paul Jarrico and Ida Lupino Original story: Paul Jarrico and Malvin Wald Featuring Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Leo Penn The White Tower (RKO Radio Pictures, June 14, 1950, Technicolor, 98 minutes) Mountain climbing FILMOGRAPHY 245 Producer: Sid Rogell Director: Ted Tetzlaff Screenplay: Paul Jarrico Based on the novel by James Ramsey Ullman Featuring Glenn Ford, Valli, Claude Rains The Hollywood Ten (Hollywood Arts, Sciences and Professions Council, 1950, b&w, 32 minutes) Agitprop Producer: Paul Jarrico Director: John Berry Screenplay: Paul Jarrico and the Hollywood Ten Featuring the Hollywood Ten The Las Vegas Story (RKO Radio Pictures, January 9, 1952, b&w, 87 minutes) Gangster Producer: Robert Sparks Director: Robert Stevenson Screenplay: Paul Jarrico, Harry Essex, and Earl Felton Original story: Jay Dratler Featuring Jane Russell, Victor Mature The Paris Express/The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (Eros Film, June 1953, Technicolor, 80 minutes) Policier Producers: Raymond Stross and Josef Shaftel Director: Harold French Screenplay: Paul Jarrico and Harold French Based on the novel by Georges Simenon Featuring Claude Rains, Marius Goring, Marta Toren Salt of the Earth (Independent Productions Corporation, 1953, b&w, 94 minutes) Women and workers Producer: Paul Jarrico Director: Herbert Biberman Screenplay: Michael Wilson Featuring Rosaura Revueltas, Juan Chacon 246 FILMOGRAPHY The Girl Most Likely (RKO Radio Pictures, December 14, 1957, color, 98 minutes) Producer: Stanley Rubin Director: Mitchell Leisen Screenplay: Paul Jarrico (originally uncredited) and Devery Freeman Story: Paul Jarrico (originally uncredited) Featuring Jane Powell, Cliff Roberston, Keith Andes Five Branded Women (Paramount Pictures, March 28, 1960, color, 100 minutes) War Producer: Dino De Laurentiis Director: Martin Ritt Screenplay: Michael Wilson, Paul Jarrico, and Ivo Perilli Based on the novel by Ugo Pirro Featuring Silvano Mangano, Vera Miles, Barbara Bel Geddes, Jeanne Moreau, Van Heflin All Night Long (J. Arthur Rank, February 6, 1962, b&w, 98 minutes) Musical drama Producer: Bob Roberts Directors: Michael Relph and Basil Dearden Screenplay: Nel King and Paul Jarrico Featuring Patrick McGoohan, Keith Mitchell, Paul Harris, Betsy Blair Le rouble à deux faces/The Day the Hot Line Got Hot...


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