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APPENDIX A. GLOSSARY 221 All terms are Smalgyax (Tsimshian) unless otherwise indicated. Adawx, true narrative of lineage history (Gitksanimx and Nisgaa: adaawak) adoopsn, adoption (from English) alugigyet, public people; i.e., people who conduct their business before witnesses antimahlasxw, in Gitksanimx, any narrative that is not classified as adaawax (Smalgyax: maalsk) (see adawx, maalsk) ayukws, in Gitksanimx and Nisgaa, a crest image as well as the right to use it (Smalgyax: dzapk) baa, to run baalx, ghost; corpse; one’s previous incarnation biip, maternal uncle dzapk, crest or crest object, literally “something built or made” (Gitksanimx and Nisgaa: ayukws) gibaaw, wolf (Gitksanimx and Nisgaa: gibuu) gigyet, people (sing.: gyet) Giskaast, in Gitksanimx, Fireweed phratry; in Nisgaa, the identical Killerwhale phratry Gispwudwada, Killerwhale phratry Git-, people of . . . (used in tribal names) Gwinhuut, literally “refugees”; name of a Laxsgiik wilnaataa¬ Gyaanmx, the Nisgaa-Gitksan language (as referred to by Tsimshians); literally, “upriver or interior speech” Gyet, person (pl.: gigyet) gaax, raven galdmalgyax, spokesman for a chief galtsap, village or tribe (pl.: galtsitsap) ganaaw, frog Ganhada, Raven phratry (among the Gitksan, Frog phratry) haaytk, to stand haayuk, human spirit (in the sense of having a strong spirit) halaayt, dancer; refers to the dancing guilds (“secret societies”) hanaax, woman hawaal, in Gitksanimx, a kind of feast transaction; also, arrow (see chapter 3) (possibly also the Smalgyax term; see xwaal) hoon, salmon kabawaalksik, heirs to chieftainships (sing.: ¬guwaalksik) ksi, out of 222 Appendix A. Glossary ksuwaatk, one’s father’s house lineage and its members (variant: wilksibaa) (Gitksanimx: wilksiwitxw) kaats, incest; specifically, marriage to or sexual relations with someone in the same phratry kamsiiwa, white person (variant: kmksiwaa); also translated (probably through folk etymology) as driftwood lagax, on or to both sides lagaxlihaaytk, having two clan or house identities; literally “standing on both sides” Laxgibuu, Wolf phratry Laxsgiik, Eagle phratry Laxseel, in Gitksanimx, the Frog phratry; also a place-name for what is now Cape Fox, Alaska Liimkooy, dirge or mourning song likagyet, a person of nonroyal rank; or, head of a nonroyal house, a name holder ranking just below a smoogit; also translated as “nobleman” or “councillor” (pl.: likagigyet) lipwekyt, brothers loop, rock luulgidm pteex, literally, “a phratry banquet”; a small feast held for members of a host group to plan a major feast; sometimes translated as “family supper,” “clan meeting,” “soup feast,” etc. luulgit, banquet, feast luut, wedge¬guwaalksik, heir to a chieftainship (pl.: kabawaalksik) Appendix A. Glossary 223 maalsk, 1. talk, narrative, story; 2. specifically, any kind of narrative that is not classified as adawx (Gitksanimx and Nisgaa: antimahlasxw, for sense 2 only) manlikagyet, head of a nonroyal house or a house that is not the leading house of the galtsap (pl.: manlikagigyet) midiik, grizzly bear na, possessive particle, roughly equivalent in function to English ’s naa baa hoon, salmon running together; metaphoric reference to reincarnation Nabiip, maternal uncle of . . . (used in teknonyms) nagwat, father (Nagwats  father of . . . , used in teknonyms) naks, spouse (or wife of . . . , used in teknonyms) naxnox, spirit, supernatural entity (pl.: naxnonax) (naxnogm  supernatural) neex¬, killerwhale Niis-, grandfather of . . . (used in hereditary names) (a contraction of Nayaas: na [possessive particle]  yaa ‘grandfather’) (Nisgaa: Niys-) nluu¬k, nest noo, mother or maternal aunt Noos, mother of . . . (used in teknonyms) Ntsiits-, grandmother of . . . (used in hereditary names) (a contraction of Natsiits: na [possessive particle]  tsiits ‘grandmother’) numayma, in Kwakwala, a lineage ootsn, human spirit or soul 224 Appendix A. Glossary pteex, one of the four Tsimshian phratries, usually translated as “clan” or, less commonly, “tribe” (Gitksanimx and Nisgaa: pdeek) ptoo¬, partition within a house saooyx, proclamation or proclamation feast sagwilatkw, in Gitksanimx, a kind of feast transaction (see chapter 3) sa¬gu¬ksk, adoption; sometimes, specifically, a type of adoption not involving adoption into a house; “Indian adoption” sgatgamaals, fun or entertaining stories sigidmnaax, matriarch or high-ranking woman (contraction of smoogidm hanaax, literally “chiefly woman”) Smalgyax, the Tsimshian language (sm ‘real, true’  algyax ‘speech’) smgigyet, 1. plural of smoogit; 2. people of royal rank smhawm maalsk, historically true narratives that are not classified as adawx smoogit, chief (either lineage head or village head) (pl.: smgigyet) spanaxnox, place of spiritual...


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