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ix Illustrations Giant City State Park’s location in Illinois xviii A road in Giant City State Park 1 Giant City State Park —a playground for adults 3 An alley at Giant City 4 Devil’s Stand Table 5 A street intersection in Giant City 6 A deer herd at Giant City State Park 7 Rock wall etching of Albert S. Thompson, February 22, 1862 8 1938 aerial photograph showing Giant City CCC camp and the new lodge 8 Giant City lodge under construction 9 Southern Illinois map showing southernmost extent of glaciation 10 Makanda street scene, ca. 1880–90 12 Makanda depot, ca. 1900 13 Makanda area property ownership, plat maps 1907-8 14 SINU field trip to Fern Rocks, ca. 1900 16 Edgar Roberts’s hand-drawn map of Giant City State Park area roads 19 Unimproved bridge leading into Giant City State Park, May 1934 20 Willis Rendleman house 21 Plat maps of Makanda area, ca. 1930 23 Jefferson Barracks CCC headquarters, July 1934 28 Original CCC Company 696 (three parts) 30–31 George Oliver near Devil’s Stand Table 33 November 1933 CCC work report showing placement of two camps at Giant City State Park 34 Tents that first housed CCC Company 696 35 Mess hall for Company 696 36 Army personnel of Company 696 36 Department of the Interior staff, Company 696 37 Map showing work project at north entrance of park, December 1933 38 Drilling holes for dynamiting rock, October 1933 39 William Unger and Daniel Brewer, road construction foremen 39 Giant City Park hill at north entrance before CCC work 40 Giant City Park hill at north entrance after CCC work 40 5LSSHO)URQWPDWWHUUHYLQGG $0 x illustrations Roadwork during summer 1933 41 Building rock wall at park road 42 Hewing logs for bridge stringers, guardrails, and parking barriers, summer 1933 43 Bridge under construction, December 1933 43 Assembling new running rail 44 Scenic view from newly constructed road, autumn 1933 44 Sign at north entrance of Camp Giant City 45 Original tents and building material for barracks at Camp Giant City 45 Camp Giant City’s first buildings 45 Erosion control near fire lookout tower, April 1934 47 Camp Stone Fort, December 1933 48 Entire CCC Company 1657, March 31, 1934 48–49 CCC pennant and patches 49 Captain C. G. Whitney of Company 1657 in his Camp Stone Fort office, 1934 51 Camp Stone Fort on “Gobbler’s Knob” 52 A barracks at Camp Stone Fort 53 Camp Stone Fort’s mess hall, 1934 54 Camp Stone Fort’s kitchen and staff, 1934 55 CCC enrollees and their dogs 56 Boxing ring at Camp Giant City, which drew large crowds 58 View of intersection before subway project, June 1934 59 The subway (underpass) under construction, February 1934 60 Aerial view of Giant City State Park, 1938 61 Work on stone wall of subway project, June 1934 62 Excavating at subway project 62 Excavation for bridge construction, May 1934 63 Bridge 3 construction, March 1934 64 Completion of Bridge 3, March 1934 64 Archaeological site before stone removal, March 1934 66 Piling up stones removed from Stone Fort 67 Stones piled up after removal from Stone Fort, March 1934 67 Dressing up the road after hand-grading, ca. March–June 1934 68 CCC Company 1657 working on the road 69 Second unit of road near the lodge site, January 1934 69 Beginning work on garage and service building, March 1934 70 Completed garage and service building 70 Detail working on foot trail, March 1934 71 Finished portion of foot trail, February 1934 71 Breaking rock for fill along bridle trail, April 1934 72 Log-hewing department at work, March 1934 72 5LSSHO)URQWPDWWHUUHYLQGG $0 xi illustrations Carrying log for ford along bridle trail 73 Flood control work 74 Constructing picnic tables, November 1934 75 Trail shelter in course of construction, June 1934 76 Shake roof detail on trail shelter construction 76 Underpass project completed, ca. November–December 1934 78 Miniature model of the lodge 79 Stone quarry, summer 1934 80 Lodge foundation stonework, July 1934 81 Earl Dickey on ledge at Giant City State Park 82 Family of Earl Dickey in Gibson City, 1929 82 Planting trees around the water tower, Camp Stone Fort 83 “Smokey Joe” Calbrecht and his dog, Alibi 83 Army officers of Company 692 84 Department of the Interior personnel with Company 692 84 George and Fanny Oliver in the 1940s 85...


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