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Acknowledgments The genesis of this book is a series of lectures that we have given and discussions that we have led at the Canadian Forces College about the academic process and writing in particular. We would like to thank Cathy Murphy and the staff at the CFC’s Information Resource Centre for their constant support of this initiative and helpful advice throughout the process. The students, staff, and faculty at the CFC have also contributed helpfully to this project through their feedback and advice over the years. Lieutenant-Commander John Wilson deserves particular thanks for allowing us to use his research proposal as an example. Véronique LaRue-Constantineau provided initial research assistance and Noelle Morris’s work towards the end of this project was exceptional. Lieutenant-General (retired) Fred Sutherland, Major-General (retired) Ivan Fenton, and Major-General (retired) Herb Petras all read an early draft of the manuscript and provided helpful and detailed feedback. We are also grateful to the two anonymous reviewers solicited by University of Ottawa Press for their constructive and supportive assessments. Adam Chapnick would like to thank the Chapnick and Berman families for their continued support and pay a special tribute to babyAvery whose impending birth pushed this project along. Craig Stone would like to thank the Stone family for their continued support and encouragement in pursuing this project at the expense of other family activities. We recognize the CFC Directorate ofAcademics’publication fund and Dr Jane Errington and her Office of the Dean ofArts at the Royal Military College of Canada for their financial support. This book would not have been possible without it. Finally, we extend our thanks to Eric Nelson and the staff at Ottawa University Press including David Bernardi, Jessica Clark, Marie Clausén, Mariam Faye, Lynne Mackay, Trish O’Reilly, and Johanna Pedersen for their faith in this project and for their professionalism in bringing it to fruition. 00a-Military:00a_Title 26/10/09 14:31 Page xi 00a-Military:00a_Title 26/10/09 14:31 Page xii ...


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